Schools first aid training

The need for first aid training in schools is well established, but finding the right course for your school isn’t as clear. Workplace first aid training is currently regulated by the Health and Safety Executive, but most is aimed at the average workplace, rather than the specific environment of a school. Whilst many first aid skills are universal, for example we all bleed the same way, providing first aid to a child has specific challenges. To reuse our example, a child’s body reacts differently to the effects of blood loss than an adult’s. To ensure that school staff are capable and confident to apply first aid to a child, the training must allow them to practice relevant skills, in an appropriate setting, with age appropriate manikins.

With the forthcoming changes to the structure of first aid training, schools will be able to dictate their requirements to their training provider. The HSE will set underpinning standards/requirements, but the emphasis is increasingly on schools satisfying themselves of the suitability of the training proposed.

Lazarus Training has a range of courses for schools that meet the current workplace requirements. Scenarios are relevant to the age range of schools, using our own videos and photos. Our staff are experienced and qualified in providing medical care and training, but Lazarus Training works with schools to ensure that its training is current, relevant and reliable. To find out more visit our primary schools first aid training website or our main site.