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Construction industry first aid courses

Construction industry first aid course has almost unique requirements. With 30 construction workers killed in the UK in the reporting period 2016/17, the construction industry is the deadliest industry in the UK once again.

All but the smallest of sites require a trained first aider, whether the Emergency First Aid at Work or the full First Aid at Work.

Lazarus Training runs both these courses and the recommended Basic Life Support updates for qualified first aiders. Our training is designed to combat the secondary problem for first aid provision in the construction industry: memory retention. Many first aid training providers will offer a classroom based course covering the basic requirements, but our training courses are scenario based and ensure everyone is engaged and learning.

All our training can be adapted to reflect your specific needs such as identified risks, or using your specific first aid equipment.

Construction Industry first aid course -First Aid at Work

As an HSE approved first aid training provider Lazarus Training provided a number of workplace first aid courses, all run in a highly practical and interactive way, by training staff with relevant qualifications and experience. Since the changes in regulation Lazarus Training has become a Qualsafe Centre. All our first aid courses are aimed at making you confident to provide first aid at work when required.

construction industry first aid training

First aid at Work training is ideal for?

It is aimed at workplaces with higher numbers of staff and risk.

The range of topics [shown below] mean this is an ideal first aid qualification for many workplaces such as offices, factories and warehousing. This qualification is often popular with schools looking for training for office staff.

How long is it?

This three day course typically lasts from 0900 to 1700, though these times can be adjusted to meet your needs. The course must meet certain HSE requirements on learning hours and course duration. Each training day includes breaks.

What is covered?

The full Health and Safety Executive syllabus, such as:

Scene safety and assessment

Role of the workplace first aider

Treatment of the unconscious casualty including CPR

Treatment of wounds, such as bleeding, breaks and burns

First aid to someone choking

Eye and soft tissue injuries

Poisoning and Anaphylactic Shock

Caring for a person taken ill at work

Construction Industry- Emergency First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at work training from Lazarus Training is an one day first aid training course which meets the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements for the workplace. Almost every workplace needs to make first aid arrangements to care for a member of staff taken ill or injured at work. For most workplaces the Emergency first aid at work course will meet these requirements.

Our experienced medical trainers will teach your delegates emergency first aid including:

Scene safety and assessment

Role of the workplace first aider

Treatment of the unconscious casualty

Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation

Treatment of wounds, such as bleeding, breaks and burns

First aid to someone choking

Other first aid training content can be added on request. Defibrillators are becoming more and more common on larger sites and developments, so for many construction industry first aid course AED training is a popular addition.

All our training staff are qualified and experienced in both teaching and providing the skills listed above. This ensures you get high quality emergency first aid at work training, which is informative and highly practical from people with real life experience of providing emergency first aid.

Our first aid at work courses and emergency first aid at work courses are highly interactive, practical and focus on making you confident to apply your emergency first aid skills when required in a first aid at work emergency.

Call 0800 242 5210 to find out more about emergency first aid at work training further, or to discuss your training needs. You can also email us with your emergency first aid at work questions.


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Lazarus Training in Africa

At Lazarus Training we all love to travel, but at the moment it’s almost all about Lazarus Training in Africa. Since September 2016 we have been delivering a training programme to Law Enforcement staff in Nigeria, as well as a bespoke first aid training programme to the EU delegation in Sudan, but Ethiopia is our next destination, with Tim and Alistair arriving there next week for a series of meetings with NGOs and international companies based in Addis Ababa.

Our work has previously taken us across Africa, with first aid and safety training delivered in Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya and Egypt but this will be our first visit to Ethiopia.

Lazarus Training in Africa

Thankfully we have a number of “friendly faces” to visit, meeting with companies, NGOs, or international organisations with which we have worked before, but it is an exciting time and as a company we are looking forward to bringing our #trainforreal ethos and training programmes to Ethiopia.

With our wide range of training courses to act as a framework, or perhaps the skeleton, we have started to develop some Ethiopia specific training which we will then need to adapt further to meet each clients’ exact requirements.

When working in Senegal we identified that the delegates would benefit from carrying tourniquets, but couldn’t budget from them immediately. We therefore included an improvised tourniquet workshop and helped the delegates produce some improvised first aid kits [to find out more about this- contact our office on as we have some video content describing it in more detail].

On some recent training in Nigeria it was identified that some delegates wouldn’t be able to rely on getting an ambulance to the casualty, but would instead need to take them to hospital [something common across Africa], so an additional training package was designed and delivered including casualty evacuation and monitoring.

As always our training programmes include plenty of practical sessions and our #trainforreal ethos comes out in the training scenarios that really improve the delegates learning experience and therefore confidence. You can find out more about our scenarios here. 

If you want to discuss your training needs, or want to try and catch up with Lazarus Training in Africa, whilst Tim and Alistair are in Ethiopia give the office a call on +44 800 242 5210 or contact


First Aid in Remote Locations- course feedback

First Aid in Remote Locations

Around a month ago, I received an email from BECTU, offering members a First Aid in Remote Locations course, which had been subsidised by Creative Skillset. Being a film maker and having a particular interest in working in hazardous environments, there was no way I was letting an incredible opportunity like this pass me by.

The course took place in the house and gardens of the beautiful East Hampstead Park and fortunately for us, we had decent weather. There were 12 people on the course, all working in the film industry and all with a variety of skills and talents. The training was run by Lazarus Training whose belief and focus was that we should ‘‘train for real’, meaning that training must reflect the reality of what people may actually face and the resources they may have access to.

The first day consisted of getting to know the basics, such as pressure points, and learning about the items in our first aid kit & how to use them. I was most fascinated by the Tourniquet – which became a vital tool in many of the scenarios we faced.

For the first situation we faced, Leroy played the role of the unlucky casualty. He played his part so realistically, that I felt quite weak at the knees. I was completely engaged throughout. The session ended when we were able to help in saving Leroy’s life after he ‘accidently’ stabbed himself in the leg with a knife.

On the second day, (even better than the first), we had to deal with six scenarios, some in groups of two and some in larger groups. We faced everything from campfire explosions to Leroy falling out of a tree and Paul (another trainer) shooting himself in the leg. One of the most fascinating parts of the day was learning how to make a stretcher out of coats, emergency splints and what to do if someone falls unconscious.

The final day was even more absorbing and we were faced with travel health, unconscious casualties in complete darkness, hypothermia, spotting the signs of heat exhaustion before it becomes Heat Stroke and rescuing casualties from car accidents.

My fellow course members were all fascinating people in their own right, with such a diverse range of talents and film skills. Working with them made the course even more enjoyable and I very much hope that I get to work with all of them sometime again in the future.

First Aid in Remote Locations group

At the beginning of the course, I was enthusiastic, but slightly apprehensive; by the end I was confident, a little less scared of blood and completely exhausted.

I must give a massive thank you to BECTU and Creative Skillset; without them, I wouldn’t have been able to have taken the course and to Lazarus for their training, endless skills and knowledge. I never knew that First Aid training could be so rewarding and enjoyable.


Charlotte Austwick.

Charlotte is a freelance filmaker.

Media first aid training

Media first aid training is a specialist topic, in which Lazarus Training has years of experience. Having worked closely with large media organisations and regulating bodies, we can now offer a range of media first aid training courses covering all the requirements of the industry or sector.


The basic level is the First Aid in the Office or Studio course, this one day course is designed to meet the requirements of media staff in static locations, with medical help nearby but who may be mixing with the public.


Our First Aid on Locations course is just that, two days of practical media first aid training, covering the basics up to dealing with a road traffic collision. This course is highly practical, including the use of training scenarios with fake blood and injuries. This course includes the First Aid in the Office or Studio qualification.


Our First Aid in Remote Locations lasts three days and builds upon the First Aid on Locations course. Designed for groups working remote from medical assistance this courses includes travel health and prolonged care of someone injured or taken ill.


All our training is focused on the individuals attending the course and their likely working environment. We ensure that the training reflects the needs of the delegates and the first aid equipment they will have access to [or not as the case may be]. Our training is well known for its practical nature and is summed up in our #trainforreal ethos.


Assessment is carried out during the course, meaning there is no final written exam- as there isn’t in real life. Delegates need to be prepared for the physical nature of the training and need to wear older clothing which they won’t mind getting dirty!



If you want to know more about us visit the about us pages of this website, or view the training scenarios and simulations page to see about our training. Otherwise give us a call on 0800 242 5210 to discuss your media first aid training needs.

First Person on Scene training

First Person on Scene Training has gradually become accepted as a new standard for first aid training in many industries or settings. The workplace first aid course typically offered are relevant in just those circumstances- within a workplace with easy access to the emergency services. But for those working in more fluid or extreme settings the course isn’t always that appropriate.

Lazarus Training is now approved to deliver First Person on Scene training, both FPOS I and FPOS B either at its training centres in the UK or worldwide. FPOS B is aimed at people who can access medical backup such as an ambulance in less than 20 minutes, FPOS I is aimed at people who are working in more hostile or extreme environments and where access to that ambulance is likely to be more than 20 minutes.

Next FPOS I “Open” course dates in Essex: 8th-12th Feb 2016

Call 0800 242 5210 to book.

Lazarus Training is well know for its #trainforreal approach to medical training, ensuring that our delegates get fully emersed in the training experience to build their confidence. Our first person on scene training continues this theme with plenty of hands on scenarios. Our experienced training team, including our role-players, works hard to ensure all delegates gain the maximum medical skills and confidence during their time with us.

This course is popular with the close protection and security industry, but is useful for anyone who needs to be more self-reliant in their first aid provision, this course would be especially useful for anyone working in remote or hostile areas.

Call 0800 242 5210 or email to find out more.