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How we have spent our summer holidays

Whilst we have managed to enjoy some time off [and watch some Olympic events], at Lazarus Training we have spent August updating our training materials and presentations.

Lazarus Training materials
Still from new Lazarus Training course materials


You will see the results on our paediatric first aid, police based courses and MACE programmes.

Additionally our mini websites are being updated and much of the “behind the scenes” stuff such as our trainers’ manuals.

All of this on top of what was a surprisingly busy August.


Paediatric first aid courses

Our OFSTED standards Paediatric first aid courses are filling up so fast. The next “open” course with spaces is now September.

We are often adding dates, so for ease we are posting them on our Facebook page, so why not check it out- and if haven’t already done so “like” us while you are there.

As always, you can contact us on 0800 242 5210 or email us on

Keep up with us on Netmums

Lazarus training is continuing its programme of short CPR sessions aimed at parents and carers.

To make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with the dates, and to ensure you don’t miss your chance to practice your life saving skills, we have starting loading details of our CPR training events onto the popular Netmums website.

We will still list the details on our Facebook page and of course you can contact the office on 0800 242 5210.

Free CPR practice sessions with Lazarus Training

Our series of free CPR practice sessions continues, proving to be very popular. The “drop in” nature of the sessions means that you can come along and learn some basic, but potentially life saving, skills or if already trained just have a practice. At Lazarus Training we know how busy everyone is, so we bring the sessions to you, running them in play centres, gyms, workplaces and activity centres.

Running the courses in these places makes them very informal, so if you see us don’t hesitate to come over and say hello.

If you would to discuss arranging a similar event or any first aid training just call us on 0800 242 5210.

Enjoy bonfire night- but if…

Sparkler Nov 2011

Prevention is better than cure, so stay safe this bonfire night. But if someone was to get burnt remember the following simple steps:

Cool it down– use water to cool the burnt area. The cooling should continue for a few minutes at least, but more typically 10 minutes to ensure the area is really cool.

Cover it up– cover the burnt area with something clean and hopefully sterile. In emergencies a wet towel is often used, but ensure whatever is used will not stick to the burnt area and that it isn’t wrapped to tight- burnt hands and limbs often swell up.

If outside be careful that only the burnt area is cooled and that the person isn’t soaked, they will often get very cold, very quick.

If the burn is blistered or any clothing or material is stuck to the burnt area, do not interfere with this, just cover over the top.

Anything but the smallest of burns should be treated seriously, particularly in children. A rough guide in adults is any burn[s] the size of the persons hand or bigger, or in a child – bigger than a 50 pence piece should be professionally assessed.