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First aid training workshops for schools

We should all know first aid right? So we have starting running first aid training workshops for schools as a method to increase the number of people who know some basic first aid.

Our 6 hr First Aid Workshops are aimed at preteens -tween’s  aged 7-11.  Workshops are designed to teach basic life saving first aid skills to children in a  fun informative manor.

Often being at home with parents, careers or guardians,  preteens may find themselves having the overwhelming task of acting as the “grown up” in a medical emergency- if their  parents, careers or guardian were to have an accident, or to be taken ill. This is where our training comes in , courses are designed to provide the skills and build confidence to help in these types of situations.

The 6 hour workshop are broken down into 60 minute Bite size First Aid Sessions covering the following:

Scene safety

Calling for emergency help

Casualty assessment


Airway management including choking and vomiting

Control of bleeding.

After each session children will receive a worksheet, the worksheets are designed  to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject taught on that particular session. Worksheets contain useful information word searches and First Aid Questions.

All Trainers & Assistants have current DBS  Certificates.

If you are interested in our first aid training workshops for schools, or any of our training give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or email us on info@lazarustraining.co.uk

If you want to know more about our schools first aid training click here, or explore the website for more details.

So what did you do at work this week?

Some people might see Friday as a good day to reflect on what they have achieved at work this week. Others are just looking forward to the weekend. As we prepare our training room for this weekends paediatric first aid course [that’s how some of our team are spending this weekend], laying out the kit for our delegates to practice their life saving skills, we starting talking about what had we done this week, month and so far this year.

We’re not normally that philosophical on Fridays, but that’s what happened. The conversation turned to the merits [or not] of working weekends. With many of our training team having worked in the emergency services, weekend working isn’t new territory, but we appreciate that for some of delegates it’s not welcome news!

The achievement we’re most proud of is the number of people we are introducing to life savings skills. In February 2016 we trained 248 people in first aid, 232 in January. So that is a total of 480 people prepared to save a life and it’s only the beginning of March!

In many ways we hope none of these “480” ever need to use their life saving skills, but the law of averages means that someone, will use some of their life saving skills at some point.

Lazarus Training in the media again

If you live in South Essex you can’t help but hear about Lazarus Training at the moment! We were recently covering in the local papers, [including the Evening Echo], after some members of our team had to perform CPR in our workplace. On 4th March we were presented with cupcakes by Southend Radio as part of their “Treat your team” promotion and we are also featured in an article in the March edition of “Your Essex” the free local guide.

Lazarus Training in the media

Earlier this year Martin [who works next door to our Leigh on Sea training office] was taken ill at work. He was having a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest [where the heart stops pumping blood]. Luckily Sam from our admin team was nearby and with some help for other great people she was able to summon help, perform CPR and control the situation until the ambulance arrived. We’re glad to say that Martin has made a good recovery and the story was featured in the Evening Echo [pictured]. It’s great to be able to point people on our first aid courses to a real life example of a workplace emergency where basic first aid has saved a life.


From print to the airwaves, there is no escape from Lazarus Training in the media! Our local radio station Southend Radio has a feature in which they ‘award” a box of cupcakes to a local company to “Treat your team” and earlier this week it was us! Samantha submitted our details, but Claire and Alison were the lucky recipients when the cupcakes arrived. And as you can see they started disappearing so quickly we couldn’t even get a photo of the complete box!

Lazarus Training in the media cupcakes

As part of this feature Claire even took to the air and chatted for a few minutes about the first aid and fire safety training Lazarus Training delivers.

Those of you living in Essex may also see us in the “Your Essex” magazine as Martin [mentioned above] describes the events of that fateful day at our first aid training venue in South Essex.

You might have also seen some of our team and some of equipment in TV programmes in the last few months, with guest appearances on BBC’s “Trust me I’m a Doctor” and our equipment being given a bit of a rough time in BBC’s Top Gear recently.

First aid training for parents

On a normal school day, most parents will drop their children off at school confident that their welfare will be catered for. Amongest the many welfare needs covered by the school will be provision for emergency first aid in event of an emergency. Most schools will have staff trained to various levels, such as Emergency First Aid at Work or with reception classes Paediatric first aid, all covering the basics of keeping a child alive until professional medical care arrives. Many courses also cover the more mundane bangs and blows of the playground, thankfully the more common of the two scenarios.

But come the school holidays, what first aid provision is provided for your children? Many parents will have received first aid training via their workplace, some will have attended first aid training when their child was a baby, but as the child grows and becomes more adventurous many parents let their first aid knowledge slide.

One quick easy fix is to access some online learning, the easiest being via Youtube, which contains countless videos on key topics such as CPR and the recovery postion. Just ensure you find one which relates to the area in which you live. If you wish to take it further many first aid training organisations offer short first aid courses aimed at parents, typically running for 3 hours or shorter.

Lazarus Training mini sites

Lazarus Training has a wide range of courses, which continues to expand. To allow people to find the right information quickly, Lazarus has started to develop new topic specific mini sites. You can view examples by clicking on the titles; Primary School First Aid Training; Firearms Medical Training.

This site will continued to be the main site for information about Lazarus Training, but keep an eye on these new sites.

Paediatric Basic Life Support




For those of you near Rayleigh, Essex, might want to join us for our next Paediatric Basic Life Support session on 21st June 2012.

This short first aid training session is aimed at anyone interested in the basic steps to take in a medical emergency involving a child.

During this paediatric basic life support session you cover: CPR; Choking; Care of an unconscious child and dealing with injuries.

The session ends with an open forum for questions.

The session is running at a child care venue, starting at 1930 and finishing around 2100. Call 0800 242 5210 for more details and to book your space.

Keep up with us on Netmums

Lazarus training is continuing its programme of short CPR sessions aimed at parents and carers.

To make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with the dates, and to ensure you don’t miss your chance to practice your life saving skills, we have starting loading details of our CPR training events onto the popular Netmums website.

We will still list the details on our Facebook page and of course you can contact the office on 0800 242 5210.

Free CPR practice sessions with Lazarus Training

Our series of free CPR practice sessions continues, proving to be very popular. The “drop in” nature of the sessions means that you can come along and learn some basic, but potentially life saving, skills or if already trained just have a practice. At Lazarus Training we know how busy everyone is, so we bring the sessions to you, running them in play centres, gyms, workplaces and activity centres.

Running the courses in these places makes them very informal, so if you see us don’t hesitate to come over and say hello.

If you would to discuss arranging a similar event or any first aid training just call us on 0800 242 5210.