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First Aid Training in Sudan

According to the World Health Organisation [WHO] Sudan has a road traffic mortality of 24.3 per 100,000 people, placing it higher than Algeria, Botswana and Chad. With this number of deaths there is a clear need for first aid training in Sudan.

first aid training in nigeria

Lazarus Training is based and registered as a first aid training company in the United Kingdom, but also provides first aid training in Sudan. With staff regularly visiting Khartoum, we can provide a wide range of our #trainforreal training courses in Khartoum and across Sudan and East Africa.

In the last year we have run a number of first aid training courses in Sudan and aim to increase this number during 2018.

Many of our most popular courses would be suitable for delivery in Sudan and across East Africa. With the wide range of industry and government agencies and non-governmental organisations in Sudan, it is likely our training can provide a first aid solution for Sudanese business or organisations and with our international oversight, many international businesses or agencies can be reassured by our training courses such as:

First Aid at Work

First Aid in Remote Locations

First Aid in Hostile Locations

Hostile Environments training

Our training is always highly interactive and is adapted for each individual client group to ensure the training is relevant and reliable. The delegates are placed under stress within our safe training environment to help them prepare for the day when the emergency is real, hence our motto of #trainforreal

first aid training in nigeria first aid training in kenya

Courses are mapped to international standards and ensure that the delegates received only the best, empowering training to help them cope in safety and medical situations.

If you would like to know more about our first aid training in Sudan, or anything about us as a company, you should be able to find the basic information on this website, but obviously you can contact us at our main office on info[at]lazarustraining.co.uk

You might also want to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube to get a better idea of Lazarus Training and its approach to safety and first aid training.

International first aid training by Lazarus Training

Lazarus Training has been running a series of international first aid training across Europe this year.

After running some of our #trainforreal first aid training for a company based near London, we were asked about running the same programme for other parts of the company based across Europe. Being part of the the “big” european community should make this simple! However there are somewhat different first aid guidelines for each country.

We began by confirming with each local office the legal requirements they had to meet, then mapped these against the original course programme. The original programme had been written to meet the UK workplace requirements for first aid training and this was then used as the framework.

Allowing for the differing workplace first aid training requirements and the differences in first aid kit contents took a bit of mapping work, but was fairly easily solved. International first aid training by Lazarus Training doesn’t just happen, after the drafting of the scheme of work, timetables and lesson plans we visited the client’s premises to get a better feel for the working environment of the delegates. This lead to a change in the plans to include more practical scenarios once areas had been identified, but it also lead to more subtle changes- old work uniform being provided for the casualty and mannikins- all aimed at personalising the training for the client/delegates.

With the experience of delivering international first aid training by Lazarus Training many tasks are almost second nature: selecting equipment which can withstand the rigours of transport yet not exceed baggage allowances [or rules]; insurance; using plain English etc.

Lazarus Training has experience of delivering training internationally which has lead to us updating our training materials, having keywords translated into French, German, Czech and Arabic- both in script that delegates would recognise, but into a format that our training team can use during our #trainforreal scenarios.

If you would like to know more about our first aid training, or our international travels get in touch via info@lazarustraining or on [+44] 0800 242 5210.

Lazarus Training- about us.

Lazarus Training is a UK based training organisation, specialising in first aid and medical training, but you probably want to know a bit more about us.

One of the main things that makes us “different” from other first aid training organisations is our #trainforreal ethos. We believe that training should be as close to real as possible: real settings; real cases and most importantly really hands on. In a real first aid situation you don’t normally get offered four options to choose from [like in a multiple choice question paper]. You need to be able to make assessments and decisions despite the pressure you will be under. First aid training matters- it could literally be a matter of life or death.

Our experienced team of trainers, assessors and support staff are linked by their passion for practical, realistic and empowering training. We believe that we should #trainforreal meaning that training must reflect the reality of what people may actually face. You can find out more about our approach/scenarios here. With a variety of professional backgrounds, but united by our standards and commitment we aim to make your delegates confident in applying their emergency skills in the real world.

The range of courses run by Lazarus Training is wide, but covers paediatric first aid, workplace first aid, first aid for police officers, hostile environments training, automated external defibrillator, fire safety and travel health courses. Lazarus Training completed HSE approval, is a Qualsafe training centre, is a member of the Association of First Aiders and is approved by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons [Edinburgh] for its police medical training.

More detail about our courses, or about Lazarus Training as a company, can be found on this website or by contacting us on 0800 242 5210.

Travel medicine courses


Our training team has years of experience of providing medical assistance in challenging environments. This intimate knowledge of the realities of providing frontline medical care, allows us to deliver carefully balanced training courses for those finding themselves remote from medical facilities.

With practical experience of care at altitude, in deserts, jungles and the arctic we understand the importance of being self sufficient and proficient in providing long term care.

Further details of our courses will appear here shortly, but in the meantime contact us on 0800 242 5210 to discuss your training needs.

Travel health courses

Our training team includes medics with years of experience of providing medical care in challenging environments, so it was obvious that we would start running training courses for teams travelling in remote environments. After years of running these courses for various agencies and organisations, we are now pleased to announce that we can provide this training to a wider sector such as charities.

Watch this area of our website: http://www.lazarustraining.co.uk/travel-health-and-medicine/ for detail of our courses as they are made available.

If you require further detail contact us on 0800 242 5210.