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Every delegate that attends our First Aid in Remote Locations course a life saver

We believe that first aid can be life saving, and that good first aid training is central to this, but there is more than one way to save a life. We now donate to Malaria No More making every delegate that attends our First Aid in Remote Locations course a life saver. So whilst they are learning the skills to save a life, we feel that they are actually saving the life of someone in sub-saharan Africa at the same time.

The work of charities such as Malaria no More is an essential part of the fight against this deadly disease. On our First Aid in Remote Locations courses the delegates are learning and practicing how to deal with catastrophic wounds, but also how to care for a sick colleague, so it’s in keeping that we are so concerned about Malaria.

On the latest course run in the first week of May, our donation allowed testing and treatment to be offered to 100 people, so with 11 delegates on the course that works out at just under 10 lives saved each! Not bad going, especially when you add on the number of times they saved our “casualties” on their #trainforreal first aid training. “Calamity Claire” and “Suffering Sam” [our live role players] had a total of 14 accidents across the course.

If you would like to know more about the work of Malaria No More follow this link, if you would like to know more about our First Aid in Remote Locations course then [again] follow the link, or give us on a call on 0800 242 5210.

Lazarus Training’s media work- Top Gear

Lazarus Training has a firm association with the media industry with a  wide range of media first aid training courses and media safety training courses, but we are also often asked to provide slightly different help with some productions.

We have trained many media workers, provided advice on first aid and medical kit, assisted with pre-deployment planning, but one task which sticks in the memory was when we were asked to help the BBC programme Top Gear on an ambulance based segment.

Many people will be familiar with the format of Top Gear, one of the BBC’s big products. We were asked by the production team to help with a planned segment of the most recent [probably last] series, where the presenters would develop and test home made ambulances.

Having meet up with a number of the team we discussed what medical skills might be carried out in the back of an ambulance. There was a balance to be found, between what actually happens in the back of an ambulance and what would come across well [and be funny] on the show.

Having made a short list of “skills” we provided equipment [both medical and casualty simulation] and advice on best medical practice, the latter being mostly ignored!

The Top Gear production team had access to props makers who could give everything the final polishing touches to ensure the TV magic, but “our” stuff was there to be seen come the broadcast date of the episode.

So it was with some excitement and a little nervousness that we all settled down in our respective homes one Sunday evening to watch the episode. Whilst it might not be an accurate portrayal of the work of medical staff, it was certainly an entertaining slot in the show. Which was ultimately the whole idea. One resusannie was harmed in the making of the show.