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Lazarus Training’s media work- Top Gear

Lazarus Training has a firm association with the media industry with a  wide range of media first aid training courses and media safety training courses, but we are also often asked to provide slightly different help with some productions.

We have trained many media workers, provided advice on first aid and medical kit, assisted with pre-deployment planning, but one task which sticks in the memory was when we were asked to help the BBC programme Top Gear on an ambulance based segment.

Many people will be familiar with the format of Top Gear, one of the BBC’s big products. We were asked by the production team to help with a planned segment of the most recent [probably last] series, where the presenters would develop and test home made ambulances.

Having meet up with a number of the team we discussed what medical skills might be carried out in the back of an ambulance. There was a balance to be found, between what actually happens in the back of an ambulance and what would come across well [and be funny] on the show.

Having made a short list of “skills” we provided equipment [both medical and casualty simulation] and advice on best medical practice, the latter being mostly ignored!

The Top Gear production team had access to props makers who could give everything the final polishing touches to ensure the TV magic, but “our” stuff was there to be seen come the broadcast date of the episode.

So it was with some excitement and a little nervousness that we all settled down in our respective homes one Sunday evening to watch the episode. Whilst it might not be an accurate portrayal of the work of medical staff, it was certainly an entertaining slot in the show. Which was ultimately the whole idea. One resusannie was harmed in the making of the show.

Lazarus Training is about to hit the airwaves

Lazarus Training is about to hit the airwaves of South Essex when our range of songs is played on Essex Radio later this month.

Our training courses are well known for the #trainforreal scenarios and the great background of our training team, but you might of noticed the amount of music that features in our training courses and scenarios.

We are always searching for the “right” tune to play in the background, or help with the pacing of CPR etc, but we also turned it into a bit of fun for our training team and delegates.

Lazarus Training is about to hit the airwaves

We have supplied our choice of twenty songs, all somehow related to our first aid or fire safety training, see if you can guess who came up with each one!

You might have noticed our #musicmonday on our facebook page, listing many of our favourites.


#musicmonday – Do you know how to save a life? Come to one of our first aid courses and you will.

Posted by Lazarus Training First Aid Provider on Monday, 6 April 2015

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Call us on 0800 242 5210 or leave a comment on our facebook page. Don’t forget to tell us when you hear our songs, perhaps you could tag it “Lazarus Training is about to hit the airwaves”

Media first aid training

Media first aid training is a specialist topic, in which Lazarus Training has years of experience. Having worked closely with large media organisations and regulating bodies, we can now offer a range of media first aid training courses covering all the requirements of the industry or sector.


The basic level is the First Aid in the Office or Studio course, this one day course is designed to meet the requirements of media staff in static locations, with medical help nearby but who may be mixing with the public.


Our First Aid on Locations course is just that, two days of practical media first aid training, covering the basics up to dealing with a road traffic collision. This course is highly practical, including the use of training scenarios with fake blood and injuries. This course includes the First Aid in the Office or Studio qualification.


Our First Aid in Remote Locations lasts three days and builds upon the First Aid on Locations course. Designed for groups working remote from medical assistance this courses includes travel health and prolonged care of someone injured or taken ill.


All our training is focused on the individuals attending the course and their likely working environment. We ensure that the training reflects the needs of the delegates and the first aid equipment they will have access to [or not as the case may be]. Our training is well known for its practical nature and is summed up in our #trainforreal ethos.


Assessment is carried out during the course, meaning there is no final written exam- as there isn’t in real life. Delegates need to be prepared for the physical nature of the training and need to wear older clothing which they won’t mind getting dirty!



If you want to know more about us visit the about us pages of this website, or view the training scenarios and simulations page to see about our training. Otherwise give us a call on 0800 242 5210 to discuss your media first aid training needs.

Lazarus Training in the media again

If you live in South Essex you can’t help but hear about Lazarus Training at the moment! We were recently covering in the local papers, [including the Evening Echo], after some members of our team had to perform CPR in our workplace. On 4th March we were presented with cupcakes by Southend Radio as part of their “Treat your team” promotion and we are also featured in an article in the March edition of “Your Essex” the free local guide.

Lazarus Training in the media

Earlier this year Martin [who works next door to our Leigh on Sea training office] was taken ill at work. He was having a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest [where the heart stops pumping blood]. Luckily Sam from our admin team was nearby and with some help for other great people she was able to summon help, perform CPR and control the situation until the ambulance arrived. We’re glad to say that Martin has made a good recovery and the story was featured in the Evening Echo [pictured]. It’s great to be able to point people on our first aid courses to a real life example of a workplace emergency where basic first aid has saved a life.


From print to the airwaves, there is no escape from Lazarus Training in the media! Our local radio station Southend Radio has a feature in which they ‘award” a box of cupcakes to a local company to “Treat your team” and earlier this week it was us! Samantha submitted our details, but Claire and Alison were the lucky recipients when the cupcakes arrived. And as you can see they started disappearing so quickly we couldn’t even get a photo of the complete box!

Lazarus Training in the media cupcakes

As part of this feature Claire even took to the air and chatted for a few minutes about the first aid and fire safety training Lazarus Training delivers.

Those of you living in Essex may also see us in the “Your Essex” magazine as Martin [mentioned above] describes the events of that fateful day at our first aid training venue in South Essex.

You might have also seen some of our team and some of equipment in TV programmes in the last few months, with guest appearances on BBC’s “Trust me I’m a Doctor” and our equipment being given a bit of a rough time in BBC’s Top Gear recently.