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Asthma information website

asthma uk logo on lazarus training website
asthma uk logo on lazarus training website

Have you every asked yourself questions such as:

What is asthma?
What causes asthma?
What can trigger an asthma attack?
Why can’t I take tablets to treat asthma?

We recommend the website of Asthma UK as a great resource to answer these and other questions. On our first aid courses, particularly our paediatric first aid courses we are often asked about asthma and have found the Asthma UK website to be a great, easily accessible resource. It is frequently updated, for example it currently has information about fasting and asthma due to Ramadan.

Asthma UK is the UK’s leading asthma charity, and with approximately 5 million people in the UK having asthma, it is a busy organisation.

First aid training for parents

On a normal school day, most parents will drop their children off at school confident that their welfare will be catered for. Amongest the many welfare needs covered by the school will be provision for emergency first aid in event of an emergency. Most schools will have staff trained to various levels, such as Emergency First Aid at Work or with reception classes Paediatric first aid, all covering the basics of keeping a child alive until professional medical care arrives. Many courses also cover the more mundane bangs and blows of the playground, thankfully the more common of the two scenarios.

But come the school holidays, what first aid provision is provided for your children? Many parents will have received first aid training via their workplace, some will have attended first aid training when their child was a baby, but as the child grows and becomes more adventurous many parents let their first aid knowledge slide.

One quick easy fix is to access some online learning, the easiest being via Youtube, which contains countless videos on key topics such as CPR and the recovery postion. Just ensure you find one which relates to the area in which you live. If you wish to take it further many first aid training organisations offer short first aid courses aimed at parents, typically running for 3 hours or shorter.