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We are recruiting for first aid trainers

Due to recent increases in our course delivery, we are recruiting for first aid trainers to join our team.

As we deliver first aid and medical training, we are ideally looking for people with a background in pre-hospital care. We currently have fire-fighters, police officers, paramedics and former military medics in our team and this is the type of person we are really looking for.

DON’T WANT TO READ ABOUT IT?  Watch this instead.

We would like you to have teaching and training experience and ideally qualifications. If you don’t have a formal qualification, but have plenty of experience- don’t worry we can help you gain the qualifications.

We work with a wide variety of clients, from law enforcement to media to banks, so you need to be able to get on with people and reflect our ethos and outlook on making training accessible to all.

If you follow our social media, or explore this site, you will see our training is delivered all over the UK and internationally. So you must be willing to travel.

Many of our training courses are delivered by a team of trainers, so you won’t be out on the road by yourself all the time and the ability to work as part of a team is essential.

We are looking for full time trainers, but we also have part time posts and this post is open to a job share.

To find out more, such as the full job description, salary etc, contact elaine@lazarustraining.co.uk- she’s really friendly and will be able to answer any questions about the fact that we are recruiting for first aid trainers. If you are interested send her your CV, bearing in mind the requirements above.

We have a number of recruitment days scheduled for late August so get in touch to start the conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about getting new people to join our great team.

You can find out more about us as a company on this site, or over on LinkedIn.

First aid training onsite London

So you need first aid training onsite London? Well that’s ok, we can help. Our first aid training is well know for its practical nature, our #trainforreal ethos. Our Essex training centre is set up for our scenarios, all the way up to a crashed car and bicycles, but if you need first aid training onsite in London- don’t worry we can come to you.

Whichever of our first aid training courses your workplace requires, we can bring our “hands on” practical training to your workplace. Not only does this remove the problems of asking people to travel to training, but it also means we can run scenarios in the delegates working environment. Now, obviously that takes some planning, but the value of your delegates rehearsing their responses, in their actual workplace is vast.

“Learning in context increases long term retention”- How we learn by Benedict Carey.

first aid training onsite london 2

We have run our scenarios in office, factories, car parks, stairwells and basically anywhere the delegates might have to face a real situation.

“Since we cannot predict the context in which we’ll have to perform, we’re better off varying the circumstances in which we prepare”- How we learn by Benedict Carey

If there ever was such a think as a “typical” course, then it includes us running some skills in the classroom environment, but then we’re off to scenarios.

All are adapted to reflect the actual working environment, first aid equipment that is available and even in house matters such as how to call for an ambulance etc.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work courses both contain training scenarios, with the 3 day FAAW course covering a wider range of situations such as illnesses which can be faced by first aiders in larger workplaces such as offices.

So which course might you need? We have a first aid needs calculator on our website which can generate a report which may help you with your due diligence.

Of course you could always give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or email our office, either way ask for Sam or Kelly who front up our first aid training onsite London workplace first aid department.



When #trainforreal becomes “it is real”

Those that have attended one of the many Lazarus first aid training courses, really appreciate the “trainforreal” scenarios. Equally, they understand the importance of those soft, reassuring skills, that can really make a difference to somebody that has suddenly become critically ill.

Last Monday morning whilst preparing the training room for 18 people, who were joining us for a first aid at work course, I was suddenly overwhelmed by excruciating chest pain. After spending many years in the NHS ambulance service and having past experience of a heart attack, I knew that I was in a serious condition. At that very moment, I was lucky that members of the Lazarus team were at the office. They sprang into action, as if they were playing out a “train for real” scenario. Except this wasn’t role play and as a team, they hadn’t rehearsed. They seemed to know instinctively, what was expected of them.

Alistair, knowing that the office was a safe environment, moved quickly onto assessing my response, airway, breathing and circulation. At that time, I was alert (remember AVPU). I clearly had a patent airway but my breathing was rapid and uncomfortable. He then took the first radial pulse. These actions were repeated continuously until the Paramedic arrived.

After a 999 call was made, Riana went to reception to await the arrival of the emergency services. For those of you that have been to our training centre, you’ll know that it’s a bit of a labyrinth and without Riana’s assistance, the Paramedic would have wasted valuable time trying to locate the office.

Paul, with whom I was sharing the training duties and had first realised that something wasn’t right had the difficult job of explaining to and calming down 18 people who had arrived for their first aid course only to discover that one of the trainers was in a potentially life threatening condition and was in fact receiving first aid. Although I suspect that being a retired sub-officer from Essex Fire & Rescue, he was calculating the best way to remove the roof.

Whilst all of this was happening, of course I was petrified and this is where two special ladies, Alison and Samantha stepped up. They both held my hand, reassured me, kept me calm. They made me smile, they made me laugh. Their presence and demeanour,  took my mind off what was a scary situation. Those soft skills, which were a massive part of my own ambulance service training, were of equal importance as the clinical assessments being undertaken by Alistair.

I must have drifted into semi consciousness because for those of you that remember AVPU, Alistair was noting my response to pain by pressing firmly on my clavicle. When the Paramedic first administered morphine and asked me to score my pain, I gratefully confirmed that the chest pain had subsided to a manageable 5 but Alistair’s interpretation of P, hovered stubbornly at around the 9 mark. Those army guys must be made of iron.

Alison accompanied me in the ambulance and whilst the crew were attending to my medical needs, she continued to keep me smiling. When my wife and daughter arrived at the hospital, it was Alison who greeted them with a reassuring smile and hug.

In truth, I needed to undergo diagnostic tests that could only be carried out in hospital using equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds but had it not been for the actions of Paul, Alistair, Riana, Alison and Samantha, I might not have been in such a good condition when the emergency services took over and that, is what good first aid is. That, is what you will learn from a Lazarus first aid course.

My family and I owe a big, big thank you to the Lazarus staff that were in the office that day but I know that had it been any of the others that weren’t there, they would have acted in just the same professional and caring manner. So I’d like to big up each and everyone of them.

Claire, Kelly, Natalie, Mick, Mark, Minty, Tony, Barry, Chris, Leeroy, Tom and Thomas.

Garry- first aid trainer at Lazarus Training.

We are happy to confirm that Garry is fine and has returned to work, at the time of writing he is in Glasgow providing trainforreal scenarios for a media client.

If you would like to know more about our # trainforreal approach to our first aid training call us on 0800 242 5210 or visit our training scenarios page.

FPOS I training in July

Looking for FPOS I training in July? Good News- Lazarus Training which is based in Essex has begun to release more dates for 2016.

Due to demand we will be adding more FPOS I courses near London over the coming weeks, but the next course with spaces is currently the 12th-15th July 2016.

Covering the required syllabus, but in the highly practical #trainforreal way that Lazarus is know for, those successfully completing the course gain the BTEC/Edexcel IHCD First Person on Scene Intermediate qualification- popular in the maritime security and close protection industry. To find out more about our style of training visit the training simulation page of this website.

Lazarus Training is a training company, but our training team is still “out there doing it”- with trainers from [or still serving] as paramedics, fire and rescue, law enforcement, maritime and military backgrounds.

Our team has recent experience in Afghanistan, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Europe, Kenya, Pakistan, so know what it is like to be on the ground.

FPOS I training in July

12th-15th July 2016- Lazarus Training, Southend on Sea, SS9 5LY. The course costs from £350 + VAT including certification. Discounted rates are available for our premier customers.

More dates will follow, but if you have a group of people needing this training we can arrange a bespoke course. Call us on 0800 242 5210 or email info @lazarustraining.co.uk [remove the space between info and @] to get a specific quote.

The FPOS I course is near Southend on Sea, at our Eastwood training centre.

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There are many local hotels, many of our delegates stay in the local Premier Inns. The nearest train stations are Rayleigh [approx 40 mintues from London] on the London Liverpool Street-Southend line and Leigh on Sea [approx 35 minutes from London] on the London Fenchurch Street-Southend line.

Call us on 0800 242 5210 or email info @lazarustraining.co.uk [taking out the space between info and @] to find out more.

Please note to attend this course you will need to be physically fit and able to confirm your identity with photographic ID, contact us to find out more.

So what did you do at work this week?

Some people might see Friday as a good day to reflect on what they have achieved at work this week. Others are just looking forward to the weekend. As we prepare our training room for this weekends paediatric first aid course [that’s how some of our team are spending this weekend], laying out the kit for our delegates to practice their life saving skills, we starting talking about what had we done this week, month and so far this year.

We’re not normally that philosophical on Fridays, but that’s what happened. The conversation turned to the merits [or not] of working weekends. With many of our training team having worked in the emergency services, weekend working isn’t new territory, but we appreciate that for some of delegates it’s not welcome news!

The achievement we’re most proud of is the number of people we are introducing to life savings skills. In February 2016 we trained 248 people in first aid, 232 in January. So that is a total of 480 people prepared to save a life and it’s only the beginning of March!

In many ways we hope none of these “480” ever need to use their life saving skills, but the law of averages means that someone, will use some of their life saving skills at some point.

Teenaider first aid training coming to Southend this half term

Teenaider first aid training skills

Teenaider first aid training is being run by Lazarus Training this half term, covering immediate life saving skills, this is the perfect way to “fill” a few hours this holiday. As parents ourselves we know the challenges of keeping your children occupied during school holidays, such as half term. Teenagers can be both easier and more difficult at the same time! Knowing all these problems, Lazarus Training has come up with a solution! Teenaider first aid training!

These 3 hour courses are designed to provide some key, potentially life saving skills for your teenager [and a few hours respite for you].

Full details of the course content can be found on our website page: Teenaider first aid training

The courses run on either a morning session [10am to 1pm] or an afternoon session [2-5pm] at our Southend, Essex venue. We can provide additional dates or travel to run the session for specific groups such as sports clubs, scouts, church groups etc. [wpgmza id=”1″]

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are qualified and experienced first aid instructors who know how to keep teenagers engaged in the training. By the end of the session they will have had the chance to practice a range of potentially life saving skills.

The course is run most school holidays, but this coming half term [October 2014] we are running the session at a specially reduced price of £15 per delegate. This covers the 3 hours training, refreshments during the course and a certificate of attendance.


To find out more about us a company you can view this website or give us a call on 0800 242 5210. You can also check out what people have to say about us on our Facebook page.