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Diabetes information resource

Diabetes UK logo in Lazarus Training resources article.
Diabetes UK logo on Lazarus Training site

With approaching 4 million people in the UK having diabetes, this topic often comes up on our first aid courses. We are always happy to discuss the emergency first aid training of diabetes on courses such as our Emergency First Aid at Work, but we always encourage people to seek further information on topics relevant to them. When it comes to diabetes, we always direct them towards Diabetes UK, the nation’s main charity who “care for, connect with and campaign on behalf of all people affected by, or at risk of diabetes.

The website is a great resource of information for people concerned about, or affected by diabetes, will new content all the time, for example at the moment there is information about managing diabetes during Ramadan.

Technology and health care

The benefits of technology to health care are many and varied, but the obvious uses of scans and x-rays isn’t the focus of this post. On the BBC News website a story was recently posted about the use of a mobile phone app to raise awareness of the damage alcohol can have on the body. The original article can be found here.

The concept of being able to place medical information and educational content directly into the hands [and therefore potentially into the minds] of the public, is something which can only grow. With the mobile phone market expanding rapidly and the increasing proportion of smart phones, the medical community must embrace this avenue of promoting information and good practice, but also take advantage of this method of allowing the community to access services and to some degree educate itself. For many people their mobile phone is one of the first things they check when leaving their house, some feel almost naked when without their phone, making the mobile phone an obvious target on which to “lodge’ medical information or provide ready access to it.

Some good examples of access to information and advice are the Oxford Handbook range of apps, [such as Tropical Medicine- recommended on our MACE programme]. Aimed at medical care professionals, the information is easily accessible for anyone with medical/first aid responsibilities. With a wide range of titles it is easy to find a relevant app.

Another favourite of our first aid training team is the UKParaPack, this app features UK paramedic guidelines. Or for the more day to day questions that many of us have about our health there is the NHS Direct app [follow the links within the page for the different platforms] which we recommend on our courses, particularly our paediatric first aid courses.

All online sources of advice [such as the apps mentioned above] cannot replace professional medical advice, but may provide guidance and reassurance and in many cases work alongside existing healthcare provision. Where will the technology take us next?

Paediatric first aid training approval

Paediatric first aid training being run by Lazarus Training including CPR for babies and children.

Those of you looking for paediatric first aid training in Essex, will be pleased to hear that Lazarus Training has been approved by Essex County Council for its paediatric first aid training. So childminders etc can book our paediatric first aid training courses safe in the knowledge that we are approved by Essex Council.

For details of our paediatric first aid courses click here, or to discuss your needs call 0800 242 5210.

Lazarus training licensed

Image of combat gauze being inserted into wound
Lazarus Training image of haemostatic agents being used

Lazarus Training has been running medical training for police firearms teams for some time now, but we are delighted to announce that we have recently entered an agreement with the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care.

Our D13 medical training [both enhanced and standard level] courses are now licensed by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

Our training has always been known for its practical, hands on approach, but now successful completion leads to both a Lazarus and Faculty certificates.

Each delegate received a Faculty authored course manual.

How we have spent our summer holidays

Whilst we have managed to enjoy some time off [and watch some Olympic events], at Lazarus Training we have spent August updating our training materials and presentations.

Lazarus Training materials
Still from new Lazarus Training course materials


You will see the results on our paediatric first aid, police based courses and MACE programmes.

Additionally our mini websites are being updated and much of the “behind the scenes” stuff such as our trainers’ manuals.

All of this on top of what was a surprisingly busy August.


Paediatric first aid courses

Our OFSTED standards Paediatric first aid courses are filling up so fast. The next “open” course with spaces is now September.

We are often adding dates, so for ease we are posting them on our Facebook page, so why not check it out- and if haven’t already done so “like” us while you are there.

As always, you can contact us on 0800 242 5210 or email us on info@lazarustraining.co.uk

Lazarus Training mini sites

Lazarus Training has a wide range of courses, which continues to expand. To allow people to find the right information quickly, Lazarus has started to develop new topic specific mini sites. You can view examples by clicking on the titles; Primary School First Aid Training; Firearms Medical Training.

This site will continued to be the main site for information about Lazarus Training, but keep an eye on these new sites.

Paediatric Basic Life Support




For those of you near Rayleigh, Essex, might want to join us for our next Paediatric Basic Life Support session on 21st June 2012.

This short first aid training session is aimed at anyone interested in the basic steps to take in a medical emergency involving a child.

During this paediatric basic life support session you cover: CPR; Choking; Care of an unconscious child and dealing with injuries.

The session ends with an open forum for questions.

The session is running at a child care venue, starting at 1930 and finishing around 2100. Call 0800 242 5210 for more details and to book your space.

Keep up with us on Netmums

Lazarus training is continuing its programme of short CPR sessions aimed at parents and carers.

To make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with the dates, and to ensure you don’t miss your chance to practice your life saving skills, we have starting loading details of our CPR training events onto the popular Netmums website.

We will still list the details on our Facebook page and of course you can contact the office on 0800 242 5210.