Trauma kits from Lazarus Training.

We are often asked about our recommendations for trauma kits, especially for some of our clients whose staff go into challening or remote areas.

So we have developed a number of first aid kits, working with SP Services one of the main first aid kit suppliers in the UK.

Individual first aid kit product code ZZ/04003

With an emphasis on trauma care, but staying within the skill range of first aiders, this kit is modeled on military first aid kits. Whilst we describe it as an individual first aid kit, it could be used by a small team staying in one location.

It contains:

  • Celox Gauze x1
  • Cat Tourniquet x1
  • Bolin Chest Seal x1
  • Nightingale dressing x 1
  • Olaes 4 Dressing x1
  • Olaes 6 Dressing x1
  • Face Shield x1
  • Nitrile Gloves x1
  • Assorted Plasters (10) x1
  • Eye Irrigation x4
  • Triangular Bandage x1
  • Steri Strips (pack of 5)
  • Purification Tabs x1
  • SAM flexible splint x1
  • Tough Cut Shears x1

You can see a short video on this kit here.

Team Trauma kit product code ZZ/04008

Designed for a small team, such as a film crew, working remote from medical help. This larger kit contains:

Sutures 3.0 silk with curved needle x 1
Sutures 4.0 silk with curved needle  x 1 
Giving Set x 1
Green Needle x 5
Orange Needle x 1
Blue Needle x 1 
10ml syringe x 2 
5 ml syringe x 2 
Intravenous Cannulae 17G x 1
Intravenous Cannulae 18G x 1 

Swabs 10cm x 10cm x 2
Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2  
Triangular Bandage x 2 
Eye Dressing x 2 
Medium Dressing x 2 
Melolin 10cm x 10cm x 1  
Primapore Medium x 3  
Primapore Large x 1 
T6 Dressing x 1 

Head Torch x 1 
Chemical Lights x 2
Cord x 1  Puritabs x 1 
Tough Cut Shears x 1  
Thermometer x 1  

Pulse Oximeter x 1
Rehydration Salts (6) x 1  
Foil Blanket x 1  
Sam Splint x 1  
Card and Pen x 1 

Assorted Plasters (10) x 1  
Antiseptic Wipes x 10  
Blister Kit x 1  
Face Shield x 1 
 Nitrile Gloves x 2  
Eye Irrigation x 5 
Steri Strips 3mm x 2 
Steri Strips 5mm x 2
Iodine Paint x 1 
Crepe Bandage 5 x 4.5m x 1  
Crepe Bandage 7.5 x 4.5m x 1 
T6 Dressing x 1  
Ambulance Dressing No.3 x 1 
Ambulance Dressing No.4 x 1  
Jelonet 10cm x 10cm x 1 

Nitrile Gloves x 2
Celox Gauze x 1
Chest Seal x 1

Nightingale dressing x 1
CAT Tourniquet x 1
Olaes 4 Dressing x 1
Olaes 6 Dressing x 1
Triangular Bandage x 2
Water Burn Gel x 2
Tape x 1
Blast Bandage x 1

To watch a video showing this get, click below:

To find out more, or to order a kit contacint us on or call 0800 242 5210.