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Travel medicine is a rapidly developing area of medicine with specialists staff and clinics. But there is an increasing need for employers to provide travel medicine training for their staff as well as travel health insurance and cover. With an increasingly global trading market, more and more employees are being asked to travel into areas previously “off limits” due to their remoteness or potentially hostile nature.

Our training team has years of experience of providing medical assistance in challenging and potentially hostile environments. This intimate knowledge of the realities of providing frontline medical care, allows us to deliver carefully balanced training courses for those finding themselves remote from medical facilities. We understand the difficulties of providing care, often over prolonged periods, to a colleague injured or taken serious ill whilst traveling. Often faced with very limited resources and lacking easy access to definitive care, the value of preparation and the rehearsal of treatment and evacuation become invaluable.

With practical experience of care at altitude, in deserts, jungles and the arctic we understand the importance of being self sufficient and proficient in providing long term care.

We can now offer our MACE [Medical Assistance in Challenging Environments] range of courses to new customers; there is a compact two day basic version covering the absolute essentials and a longer intermediate course.

Originally designed for government staff our two day International Trauma Course covers the practical application of life saving skills in scenarios adapted to reflect your likely working environment.

All courses follow our #trainforreal mantra, that all training should focus on the likely situations that may develop and also take you as close to the real event as possible.

Further details of our courses will appear here shortly, but in the meantime contact us on 0800 242 5210 to discuss your training needs, or email us on



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