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Hostile environments training is often required by people working or traveling in hostile or remote environments, with responsibility for providing this often falling upon the employer. At Lazarus Training we believe this training should be aimed at enabling people to make confident decisions.

Lazarus Training has preset designed hostile environments training courses or can produce bespoke training covering hostile environments and/or remote first aid.

We can tailor the training to reflect both high risk and medium risk environments. Our training team has recent experience on the ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan, West Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey/Syria border, East Africa and Thailand. We don’t just teach this stuff, or rely upon “old” stories from our army days, we continue to deploy, with staff in Ethiopia in October, Malaysia in November, Nigeria in December and Lebanon in January 2018.

At Lazarus Training we pride ourselves on listening to the client and working with them to cover their specific needs, so all group course bookings are treated as bespoke events. Course content is varied to meet the needs of each client group but would typically cover:

Planning before the trip

Selection of kit and equipment [for example video below]

Emergency planning

Dealing with people, conflict and aggression

Weapon and explosive awareness [please note this isn’t training you to use weapons]

Vehicle and driver safety

Hostile environments first aid

Hostile environments training scenarios and simulations showing a traumatic amputation.











All our hostile environments first aid training is delivered by medical professionals with experience of providing medical care in a hostile and/or remote environment. Depending on the duration of the training course we can offer a basic overview of hostile environments first aid training or one of our specific travel medicine courses embedded within the package.

Depending on your industry or employment sector you may want to view our specific pages for the media industry or the NGO sector.

Additional units can be added from our list of prepared hostile environments topics such as navigation and language skills.

If you want to find out more about our hostile environments training give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or contact us via