Mental Health First Aid

As a society we always look to improve and better ourselves, learning as much as we can. Throughout the years we have learnt basic survival skills such as treating a wound. More complex endeavours such as complicated surgeries and AED resuscitation. However, in this modern age the new frontier is mental health. With suicide being the largest cause of mortality for people under 35, learning how a personโ€™s mind functions is as important as learning any other medical first aid.

This is why at Lazarus Training we are starting to run Mental Health First Aid. We aim to educate people how to spot potential mental health issues and treat them accordingly. We hope that this will lessen the amount of suicides around the world and create a better environment to be open about mental health.

Although Mental Health First Aid courses are very different to the normal courses that we run, we will still be upholding our core values of keeping the training fun, interactive and informative with plenty of role-play.