Firearms awareness training

FIrearms awareness training is a Lazarus Training course

Firearms awareness training has become an essential part of too many peoples’ working life. Our training on firearms awareness is not to make people able to use firearms, but to raise awareness in people who may encounter firearms, ammunition or weapon parts during their working life, such as those that may visit peoples’ premises or search individuals.

Each firearms awareness training package is written specifically for the client based on their work practices and the likely situations there could encounter. Lazarus Training is keen that firearms awareness training reflects the reality of peoples’ work, not cover topics “just because we can”. Each firearms awareness training package is unique but would typically include topics such as:

Lazarus Training provides firearms awareness training packages.
Lazarus Training provides firearms awareness training packages.

Reality of weapons versus hollywood/bollywood
Types of firearms/weapons commonly in use
Terminology of weapons such as high and low velocity
Characteristics of illegal weapon conversions
Weapon penetration and effects
Recognition of ommon weapon parts
Safety around weapons

Explosive awareness training is also available and can be combined with firearms awareness training where required. Again our explosive awareness training, like the firearms awareness training, isn’t designed to “train” people to make explosives, but is instead to raise awareness of common explosive components and parts, methodology etc.

All our training staff are either serving or former soldiers or armed police officers. All have relevant firearms and explosive experience and training qualifications.

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