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Lazarus Training is a UK-based first aid training organisation, specialising in first aid and medical training for a variety of workplaces. We are based in Essex running public courses & in-house training throughout London, Hertfordshire, and across the UK, we also have experience in running courses for International clients throughout the world. Need on-site first aid training courses in Essex and nearby? Lazarus Training can help!

Our experienced team of trainers, assessors, and support staff are linked by their passion for practical, realistic, and empowering training. We believe that we should #trainforreal meaning that training must reflect the reality of what people may face and the resources they may have access to. With a variety of professional backgrounds such as the emergency services and armed forces, but united by our standards and commitment we aim to make your delegates confident in applying their emergency skills in the real world.

The range of courses run by Lazarus Training is wide but covers paediatric first aid, workplace first aid, first aid for police officers, hostile environments training, automated external defibrillator, fire safety, schools first aid training, and travel health courses. In all our courses we believe in assessing the risks the client faces and including relevant training, not just a minimum syllabus, for example in many of our courses, we cover how to remove a motorcycle crash helmet from a casualty if they are not breathing properly.

Lazarus Training completed HSE approval [number 47/11], and is now a Qualsafe training centre.

Lazarus Training has recently passed its external audits to retain ISO 9001 status for our quality management system. This approval commits us to continuous improvement in all our work activities.
Lazarus Training has worked with several industries to develop bespoke first-aid training courses, such as our media first-aid training courses that includes our popular First Aid on Remote Locations.

First Aid Training Courses Essex-wide.

We run first aid training courses Essex-wide and from our training centre near Southend on Sea, but we more often run our first aid training at the client’s premises.

We aim to be “low maintenance” and have delivered our first aid training across Britain, Europe, and the world. We have recently delivered training in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kosovo, and the Philippines.

We have even had our training materials translated into Arabic, French, German and Czech. We are currently adding Ukrainian and Russian to our list, with work begun on including British Sign Language in our presentations.

We often work with our clients to design bespoke training programmes to ensure delegates get relevant and reliable training. All our training uses scenarios and situations realistic to the sector or industry that we are training. Details and examples of our training scenarios can be found on our scenarios page. Details about how we work can be found on this site.

More details about our courses, or about Lazarus Training as a company, can be found on this website or by contacting us on 0800 242 5210.

Want to know about our training?

Don’t just take our word for it- we have recently started asking our participants to complete Google Reviews so you can get honest feedback on our training, you can check them out below. The feed picks them all up, we don’t select only the good ones!

Here’s our Google Reviews.

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Pedro FurtadoPedro Furtado
11:07 12 Jul 24
The instructors and the knowledge provided are absolutely excellent, and I feel very confident with the things I learned in this course.
15:29 01 Jul 24
lovely staff members and valuable first aid course.
Matt RichardsMatt Richards
09:37 24 Jun 24
These are fantastic courses led by engaging professionals with real world experience and real world advice. I have done their First Aid in Remote Locations course twice now and could not recommend it highly enough.
Luz Alejandra LlanoLuz Alejandra Llano
14:07 21 Jun 24
Christine ChapmanChristine Chapman
20:57 20 Jun 24
I attended the 2 day Paediatric First Aid course last week with my work colleagues.It was a very informative but also fun course. Laura didn’t mind questions at any time and was happy to answer them. I prefer the slightly informal tone of the course as I feel that I learn better that way.Lots of chances to do practical work on dummies and also with our ‘real life’ patient Lucy, who got herself into difficulties.It was a great learning environment with plenty of tea and coffee and the biscuits went down well too!Thank you.
Natasha CopusNatasha Copus
12:09 03 Jun 24
Our team of volunteers and staff received First Aid at Work training from Lazarus Training. Both trainers were excellent and we learned so much over the course of the day. The training was engaging and made us feel more prepared and confident if anything had to happen. Thank you so much for your training!
i recently completed a 2 day peads first aid course in leigh along with a couple of my colleagues. We learnt so much and Laura was fun and kept a whole group of 19 of us in total engaged throughout. Amazing company, thankyou grace beswick
Zoë DunnZoë Dunn
13:09 23 May 24
They were really nice and extremely knowledgeable. Kept it interesting and encouraged questions, gave great advice and available to contact after course had finished for any future advise.
Richard NollothRichard Nolloth
17:27 19 May 24
I recently attended a one-day first aid course run by Lazarus Training, and I must say it was an incredibly enjoyable and informative experience. The course focused on first responder first aid and covered the subject matter in great detail, ensuring that all participants left with a comprehensive understanding of essential first aid techniques. What stood out the most was the professionalism of the instructors. They were not only highly knowledgeable but also very approachable, creating an environment where I felt completely comfortable asking any questions I had. This openness significantly enhanced the learning experience, allowing for deeper engagement with the material. The day was filled with hands-on practice and real-world scenarios, which solidified my understanding and boosted my confidence in applying first aid principles. I am extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge I gained and the practical skills I developed. Overall, I highly recommend Lazarus Training for anyone looking to gain valuable first aid skills in a supportive and professional setting.
Claire ArthurClaire Arthur
09:36 16 May 24
Exemplary training provided in a fun way, making it easy to digest and I learned SO much thanks to the visual demonstration approach they use. The fact I retained so much of the information from the last course 4 years ago is testament to their training methods being effective.
Emma HardingEmma Harding
17:06 13 May 24
I done the paediatric 2 day course, with trainer Laura, and her assistant Sam, they were both very knowledgeable, experienced trainers no questions were too much bother for them both, as I have only ever done a basis first aid course yrs ago, I learnt new things that I never knew and how first aid training has changed over the past 20 yrs, I was very nervous but Laura put me and another girl who was nervous at ease and comfortable.I would recommend lararus training for anyone, I loved hearing her stories from when they have to travel abroad and do training, I found it fascinating and also interesting as well.
angela brownangela brown
17:09 19 Apr 24
Had an amazing 2 days paediatric first aid training. Learnt so much and remembered more than I thought I would due to the great trainers , Laura and Reece , who made it fun and interactive whilst passing on their considerable knowledge . I feel confident that in the event of coming across an accident I will be able to make a positive difference to the situation. Thank you both
Jo DunnJo Dunn
13:57 19 Apr 24
Attended a Paediatric Course this week with Laura and Reece absolutely amazing so informative and active lots of life scenarios. Have completed other courses but have to say this is the best course I have ever completed Laura & Reece are amazing!!
Billie MineiroBillie Mineiro
12:35 19 Apr 24
I definitely recommend this course. It is so informative and really interactive. I have learnt so much over the last 2 days.Laura and Reece the trainers are fantastic.
Joanna HeatonJoanna Heaton
12:34 19 Apr 24
Laura and Reece were fabulous trainers! Informative and very hands-on training which prepares you for dealing with first aid situations. Highly recommended!
It was fun and very helpful.
Tamara CollinTamara Collin
09:39 08 Apr 24
Incredible training, I learnt so much. Very engaging and interactive, brilliant teachers and something I think everyone should do if they can!
Dominic WestonDominic Weston
15:17 02 Apr 24
This is the second Lazarus Training course I have attended and they have both been excellent. So engaging, with trainers who have genuine real-world experience and who are incredibly supportive. Hands on learning at its best, as it really does build skills for life.
Marc McOwensMarc McOwens
09:19 20 Mar 24
Laura and Karen were terrific, made the course both informative and enjoyable and all my team thoroughly enjoyed attending.
Really interactive experience which made the first aid training easy to engage with. The trainers Lauren and Karen were very knowledgeable and clear communicators. Would definitely recommend.
14:36 07 Mar 24
I recently attended a Company First Aid course conducted by Lazarus, and I couldn't be more impressed. The instructor's expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the course. The realistic scenarios they arranged provided invaluable hands-on experience, making the learning process engaging and effective. I highly recommend Lazarus for anyone seeking top-notch first aid training.
Chris SmithChris Smith
17:01 26 Feb 24
Went on this course today thoroughly enjoyed it, both trainers were lovely and very knowledgeable,
Carla SatchellCarla Satchell
10:00 26 Feb 24
Mark FryMark Fry
09:58 26 Feb 24
Casey ShawCasey Shaw
14:50 16 Feb 24
I recently attended a First Aid at Work course. It was excellent! couldn't fault any part of it. The trainer was brilliant! I have a shocking memory for most things but he delivered the course with huge amounts of energy and clarity. It was explained really well throughout the day and we covered so much more than I thought we would.The first thing I did was buy a well stocked first aid kit for home and in my car. Best part is, I now know how to use it properly.Would highly recommend.
Sarah-Jane VarsaniSarah-Jane Varsani
17:35 31 Jan 24
Successfully completed the First Aid Office & Studio Training with Chris. It was a 1 x day course. Chris is brilliant! Very professional, experienced and is a fantastic teacher. It was very thought provoking and I think we should all have a bit of basic knowledge of first aid training. Highly recommend. 👍
Annisa MuchtarAnnisa Muchtar
17:39 29 Jan 24
I've done several first aid at work training sessions with Lazarus over the years through different employers. Always top notch, with instructors with unparalleled practical experience in the field, who know the latest advice (as these are always evolving) and can answer just about any question you throw at them. Most importantly with first aid - it's practical, with opportunities for hands on practice, not just the theory.I've already put my my first aid training to use in a real life office situation, and I know that these skills may one day save a life. Thanks Chris!
Ella RoffeyElla Roffey
09:45 26 Jan 24
What a fantastic way to teach First Aid in different situations & such an important skill we all need in life! Live-action training in basic first aid & not just practising CPR. It was so much more interesting than information being thrown at someone. Highly recommend Lazarus Training!
Gemma IrvineGemma Irvine
13:31 18 Dec 23
The best first aid training I’ve been on! We had Gary and Glen as our trainers and they were absolutely fantastic, so knowledgeable, helpful and just genuinely lovely people. The course itself is very interactive and you get far more information, tips and tricks than other first aid courses. Will definitely be do all my further training with them 😊
Dashiel AllumDashiel Allum
13:31 05 Dec 23
Fantastic course. Covered all the basic first aid and a lot more. The instructors were incredibly helpful and made the content very memorable. would highly recommend.
Marco GarbinettoMarco Garbinetto
16:13 03 Dec 23
I recently had the privilege of attending the First Aid in Office and Studio (FAOS) course conducted by Laura from Lazarus Training Ltd, and I must say it was an incredibly educational experience. The one-day program covered a wide array of crucial first aid topics, leaving me feeling well-prepared and confident in handling emergency situations.The course began with a comprehensive exploration of the 5-step assessment process, providing a systematic approach to evaluating emergency situations. Laura expertly guided us through this process, ensuring that we not only understood the steps but also knew how to apply them in real-life scenarios. The morning session passed by swiftly, thanks to the engaging and informative nature of the content.The afternoon delved into more specific areas, such as CPR techniques and handling various medical conditions. Laura's teaching style was not only informative but also comforting. Her ability to make the class feel at ease created an optimal learning environment, fostering active participation and engagement among the attendees.One highlight of the course was the hands-on experience, particularly the application of a tourniquet. This practical aspect added a valuable dimension to the learning process, allowing us to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. While the hands-on time with CPR techniques was beneficial, I would have appreciated even more time dedicated to this critical skill, as it is fundamental in many emergency situations.Post-course, the resources provided were noteworthy. The well-structured notes and the accompanying app proved to be valuable references, eliminating the need for extensive note-taking during the session. This thoughtful approach allowed participants to focus more on absorbing the lesson content and actively participating in discussions.In conclusion, I highly recommend the First Aid in Office and Studio course with Laura from Lazarus Training Ltd. Her expertise, coupled with the well-organized curriculum and hands-on experiences, ensures that participants not only grasp essential first aid concepts but also feel equipped to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios. The course strikes an excellent balance between theory and practice, making it a valuable investment for anyone seeking to enhance their first aid skills.
Nick HoareNick Hoare
15:47 09 Oct 23
Lazarus put on a really great course - excellent “life-like” trauma scenarios to test our newly acquired skills, combined with really knowledgeable and engaged trainers (Paul, Laura and Liam). Thank you!
Jayden CainJayden Cain
15:45 06 Oct 23
Phil and Reece trained us and it was the most fun I've had learning first aid!
Matthew HughesMatthew Hughes
13:37 06 Oct 23
Fantastic course, well worth taking! Thanks to the gents who ran our 2 day course, I was able to apply those skills a few months later and help somebody in need of first aid after a car accident I witnessed. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what to do in that situation and that gentleman may have come out of the accident much worse than he did. Very kind and patient teachers who really taught me some of the most valuable skills I’ll ever learn. Can’t thank them enough.
Sarah MarshallSarah Marshall
12:17 19 Jul 23
Recently attended job specific first aid with Mac and Barry. Mac took the majority of the two days and he was really knowledgeable and engaging, using real life examples to explain certain things. Mac was extremely patient with some difficult individuals too and is a credit to you. I would certainly recommend them to others.
Becky CudmoreBecky Cudmore
11:17 29 Jun 23
We used Lazarus training for our team who were heading out to film in a remote location in Africa this year. Mark, Tim & Karen were absolutely amazing! Very professional in the way they laid out the session and allowed space for serious and light conversion. Definitely recommend Lazarus, their experience in the field is exceptional and they seem genuinely passionate on the topics covered. Thankyou Mark, Tim & Karen from Big Cats!
sarah chaudhrisarah chaudhri
13:15 28 Jun 23
Recently completed my 2nd first aid training course with Lazarus. I’m a personal trainer and after completing this training course I feel confident that I could deliver emergency first aid with confidence. The trainers are friendly, approachable and very experienced. Over the years I’ve done loads of classroom based training and found it extremely boring … not this training , it’s fun and practical.