Group photo of participants in a Lazarus Training HEAT course in Manila.

In February of this year [2024], one of our training teams traveled out to Manila, the Philippines to run a Hostile Environments and First Aid Training course on behalf of the United States Agency for Global Media [USA GM] and working with local affiliates of Voice of America.

On the USA GM website, you can see the course is described as:

Training topics encompass various methods such as discussions, video content, practical demonstrations, casualty simulations, group and individual exercises. These sessions aim to evaluate prompt, safe, and effective assistance during medical emergencies in workplace settings. Additionally, journalists underwent surveillance awareness exercises and acquired skills to assess travel risks, hotel safety information, and digital security measures

But anyone who knows our training will know there was a lot more hidden away inside this description. The course was designed specifically for the audience, as the threat to media workers in the Philippines is different from that in Ukraine [where we had been just before] or Kosovo [where we went next]. With many media workers coming under targeted attacks on their way to or from their work or home.

It was great to spend time with the participants, as we all stayed at the venue in Quezon City, and hear about their work and its challenges.

Lazarus Training member Chris being interviewed after HEAT course in Manila.

Our main challenge was being interviewed for TV on the final day- well done to Chris who we think survived the edit!

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