Media first aid training

media first aid training

Media first aid training is a specialist topic, in which Lazarus Training has years of experience. Having worked closely with large media organisations and regulating bodies, we can now offer a range of media first aid training courses covering all the requirements of the industry or sector. All our media first aid training courses are written to international standards.

With media workers increasingly coming under attack or facing hazards such as working in a post-disaster zone, we have produced a range of training courses to cover the most common training needs.


Dates for “open” courses [where people can book individually] in Bristol:

First Aid on Locations running in Bristol:

29th & 30th April 2024

3rd & 4th July 2024

30th September & 1st October 2024

9th & 10th December 2024

First Aid in Remote Locations running in Bristol:

3rd to 5th July 2024

30th September to 2nd October 2024

9th to 11th December 2024

Media first aid training First Aid in the office or studio

The basic level is the First Aid in the Office or Studio course, this one-day course is designed to meet the requirements of media staff in static locations, with medical help nearby but who may be mixing with the public.

first person on scene training essex First Aid in Remote Locations Medical Assistance in Challenging Environments [MACE] Intermediate

Our First Aid on Locations course is just that, two days of practical media first aid training, covering the basics up to dealing with a road traffic collision. This course is highly practical, including the use of training scenarios with fake blood and injuries. This course includes the First Aid in the Office or Studio qualification.

First Aid on Remote Locations shoot training.

Our First Aid in Remote Locations lasts three days and builds upon the First Aid on Locations course. Designed for groups working remote from medical assistance this course includes travel health and prolonged care of someone injured or taken ill.

The Working in A Post-Disaster Zone course could be the best fit for people wanting to combine the medical content of the First Aid in Remote Locations course with safety and security advice. This course is designed to build resilience prior to deployment and covers a wide range of content, quite similar to our Hostile Environments training.

media first aid training hostile

All our training is focused on the individuals attending the course and their likely working environment. We ensure that the training reflects the needs of the delegates and the first aid equipment they will have access to [or not as the case may be]. Our training is well known for its practical nature and is summed up in our #trainforreal ethos.

Assessment is carried out during the course, meaning there is no final written exam- as there isn’t in real life. Delegates need to be prepared for the physical nature of the training and need to wear older clothing which they won’t mind getting dirty!

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If you want to know more about what it is like to attend one of our media first aid training courses you can watch the delegate interviews below. We asked some of the team on some recent training to give us their thoughts- unscripted, filmed on iPads [apologies for the light and sound!].

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