dental basic fire safety training london

If you, like many others, are looking for basic fire safety training in the London area- [you probably googled “dental basic fire safety training London”] then we can help. Lazarus Training is a safety training company based nearby in Essex, providing first aid and fire safety training to a variety of industries.

Dental surgeries have a wide range of training needs and we can help with both basic life support training and fire safety training.

We can deliver training onsite, thereby reducing time lost, at weekends and adapted to meet your specific dental basic fire safety training London needs.

What is in our Dental Basic Fire Safety Training London?

This short course [typically 2-3 hours] covers the basics of fire safety and reacting to a fire. The exact content of the course is always adapted to meet your needs, but is normally:

Why have fire training? Looking at the legislation, costs and moral needs.

What is fire? What makes a fire.

Fire prevention

Actions on discovering a fire

Use of fire extinguishers

Liaison with the emergency services

How is the training run?

We use a mixture of a video presentation and practical exercises. We all learn in different ways, so our training is varied to “catch” all learners. If you venue is suitable we can also provide practical exercises using training fire extinguishers to build confidence in their use.

Who runs the training?

All our basic fire safety-[dental] instructors are Home Office training fire-fighters, experienced in community fire prevention and training. All our training team have teaching qualifications.

dental basic fire safety training london

How much does it cost to have onsite dental basic fire safety training London?

That depends on how many people you want to train, but prices are from £20 + VAT per person. We can cater for groups of from 5 people to 36 people.

Want to save money on your training?

As basic fire safety training is only a half day course, we can also run basic life support training in the same day. Most dental practices find this is a great cost effective way to meet their training requirements.

If you would like to know more about our training, or better yet, book a training session- give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or drop us an email via

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