Lazarus Training has recently returned from Jamaica after running first aid training for police in the Caribbean. After delivering our popular Operational First Aid Initial course, we then continued to an enhanced scenario day to raise the skills of the members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force that attended our sessions.

One common incident that police officers in the Caribbean have to face is dealing with injuries caused by road traffic incidents, so our training focused on providing safe, but effective techniques for casualty management at a road traffic collision.

On successful completion of this training, the cohort then moved onto two of our “Train the trainer” packages, aimed at providing them with the skills and knowledge to deliver training to their colleagues in law enforcement and the wider community.

Our two “Train the trainer” packages centred around being able to teach how to stop a bleed and how to perform CPR. Severe bleeding is a common cause of preventable death in injured people. Whether following a shooting or other violent act, or after a traffic incident for law enforcement officers to be confident in how to stop a bleed could be live saving.

Our training package covered a wide range of topics, including: what makes a good trainer; what makes a good training environment; what makes a good training plan and an overview of learning methods and styles. The training package includes a demonstration of the complete training sessions and opportunity for the delegates to practice delivery and receive feedback and mentoring.

The training package can be adapted to reflect the situation of each law enforcement agency, equipment available to officers and the previous knowledge of the training cohort.

The standard package includes the provision of training resources such as lesson plans to each individual delegate, but other options can also include us supplying the necessary training equipment for delegates to use in their own training.

We also recommend retraining for the delegates and some observations of their training being audited, but this pathway can lead to a sustainable, low cost but impactful training project that could save the lives of police officers and members of the public.

This method of first aid training for police in the Caribbean is based on a similar training project that we have delivered in West Africa, and provides a sustainable approach to future delivery balanced with the reassurance of training being delivered to international standards.

Some footage from our first trip to Jamaica for a media conference.

If you would like to know more about our “train the trainer” packages or first aid training for police in the Caribbean please contact us.

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