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So you need first aid training onsite London? Well that’s ok, we can help. Our first aid training is well know for its practical nature, our #trainforreal ethos. Our Essex training centre is set up for our scenarios, all the way up to a crashed car and bicycles, but if you need first aid training onsite in London- don’t worry we can come to you.

Whichever of our first aid training courses your workplace requires, we can bring our “hands on” practical training to your workplace. Not only does this remove the problems of asking people to travel to training, but it also means we can run scenarios in the delegates working environment. Now, obviously that takes some planning, but the value of your delegates rehearsing their responses, in their actual workplace is vast.

“Learning in context increases long term retention”- How we learn by Benedict Carey.

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We have run our scenarios in office, factories, car parks, stairwells and basically anywhere the delegates might have to face a real situation.

“Since we cannot predict the context in which we’ll have to perform, we’re better off varying the circumstances in which we prepare”- How we learn by Benedict Carey

If there ever was such a think as a “typical” course, then it includes us running some skills in the classroom environment, but then we’re off to scenarios.

All are adapted to reflect the actual working environment, first aid equipment that is available and even in house matters such as how to call for an ambulance etc.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work courses both contain training scenarios, with the 3 day FAAW course covering a wider range of situations such as illnesses which can be faced by first aiders in larger workplaces such as offices.

So which course might you need? We have a first aid needs calculator on our website which can generate a report which may help you with your due diligence.

Of course you could always give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or email our office, either way ask for Sam or Kelly who front up our first aid training onsite London workplace first aid department.



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