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At Lazarus Training we all love to travel, but at the moment it’s almost all about Lazarus Training in Africa. Since September 2016 we have been delivering a training programme to Law Enforcement staff in Nigeria, as well as a bespoke first aid training programme to the EU delegation in Sudan, but Ethiopia is our next destination, with Tim and Alistair arriving there next week for a series of meetings with NGOs and international companies based in Addis Ababa.

Our work has previously taken us across Africa, with first aid and safety training delivered in Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya and Egypt but this will be our first visit to Ethiopia.

Lazarus Training in Africa

Thankfully we have a number of “friendly faces” to visit, meeting with companies, NGOs, or international organisations with which we have worked before, but it is an exciting time and as a company we are looking forward to bringing our #trainforreal ethos and training programmes to Ethiopia.

With our wide range of training courses to act as a framework, or perhaps the skeleton, we have started to develop some Ethiopia specific training which we will then need to adapt further to meet each clients’ exact requirements.

When working in Senegal we identified that the delegates would benefit from carrying tourniquets, but couldn’t budget from them immediately. We therefore included an improvised tourniquet workshop and helped the delegates produce some improvised first aid kits [to find out more about this- contact our office on as we have some video content describing it in more detail].

On some recent training in Nigeria it was identified that some delegates wouldn’t be able to rely on getting an ambulance to the casualty, but would instead need to take them to hospital [something common across Africa], so an additional training package was designed and delivered including casualty evacuation and monitoring.

As always our training programmes include plenty of practical sessions and our #trainforreal ethos comes out in the training scenarios that really improve the delegates learning experience and therefore confidence. You can find out more about our scenarios here. 

If you want to discuss your training needs, or want to try and catch up with Lazarus Training in Africa, whilst Tim and Alistair are in Ethiopia give the office a call on +44 800 242 5210 or contact


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