Media Production Show 2016 2

Part of our work is to raise the profile of our media first aid training. One recent part of this was exhibiting at the Media Production Show 2016.ย A new event this year, the Media Production Show 2016 was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington on 9th & 10th June. Lazarus Training joined the wide range of media related companies in exhibiting.

Media Production Show 2016 2

Nestled away amongst the cameras, drones and editing software we had a simple message- give us 60 seconds and we can show you how to save a life! If people had the time to spare [and who wouldn’t] we discussed the importance of stopping severe bleeding and then demonstrated the use of a tourniquet. The Health and Safety Executive have recently issued a statement endorsing the use of tourniquets in workplace first aid kits, subject to a first aid needs assessment, so many people were surprised to hear that tourniquets are now not just for the battlefield.

Our stand at Media Production Show 2016

Our stand was based around this simple theme:ย you can learn to save a life in only a few seconds. On the stand we had a number of volunteers, all members of our training team, who could demonstrate our to use a tourniquet and then let our temporary “delegates” loose with them. As the venue was too nice for us to be “bleeding” all over the floor, we have rigged up a couple of 5 litre containers and pumped blood between them to simulate the casualty’s blood loss.

Media Production Show 2016 1

As you can see from our scoreboard it proved popular, hopefully due to the importance of life saving, but possibly due to the competitive nature of many of the visitors. The two boards had to be cleared down a number of times due to space limitations.

So, our aim at the Media Production Show 2016 was to show that first aid training saves lives, and that in as little as 60 seconds people can learn and importantly practice life saving skills.

Basically if we can do that in 60 seconds, imagine what we can do in the full courses we run for the media industry! We have courses ranging from one day for the office and studio, two days for locations and three days for remote or hostile locations.

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