On site first aid training in London

On site first aid training in London

On site first aid training in London.

First aid training is often a requirement of even the smallest of workplaces, which must make arrangements for action in event of an emergency, provide a first aid kit and possibly provide trained workplace first aiders. Many employers look for on site first aid training in London to meet this requirement.

When a subject is as important as first aid training, literally life or death, it pays to choose your first aid training provider carefully. Since the Health and Safety Executive have changed its role in supervising workplace first aid training, there is now a greater responsibility on the employer to decide what is required. At the same time there has been an increase in the number of training companies that have add first aid training to their catalogue.

Guidance is available on the HSE website, but one question that should be asked is “what do I actually expect my first aider to be able to deal with?” “Will this first aid training actually prepare them for the real life experience of treating someone?”

On site first aid training in London

Lazarus Training was approved by the HSE and is now a Qualsafe centre, BTEC centre and is licensed by the Royal College of Surgeons for its medical training. It provides a number of workplace first aid courses, all run in a highly practical and interactive way, by training staff with relevant qualifications and experience. All our first aid courses are aimed at making you confident to provide first aid at work when required.


Our most popular onsite first aid training in London is our Emergency First Aid at Work course. We can also provide First Aid at Work, AED training and paediatric first aid training.

Emergency First Aid at work training from Lazarus Training is an one day first aid training course which meets the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements for the workplace. Almost every workplace needs to make first aid arrangements to care for a member of staff taken ill or injured at work. For most workplaces the Emergency first aid at work course will meet these requirements.

We can also supply workplace first aid kits for all sizes or types of workplace.

Our experienced medical trainers will teach your delegates emergency first aid at work including:

Scene safety and assessment

Role of the workplace first aider

Treatment of the unconscious casualty

Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation

Treatment of wounds, such as bleeding, breaks and burns

First aid to someone choking

Other content can be added on request. AED training is a popular addition.

All our training staff are qualified and experienced in both teaching and providing the skills listed above. This ensures you get high quality emergency first aid at work training, which is informative and highly practical from people with real life experience of providing emergency first aid.

Our emergency first aid at work courses are highly interactive, practical and focus on making you confident to apply your emergency first aid skills when required in a first aid at work emergency.

Call 0800 242 5210 to find out more about emergency first aid at work training further, or to discuss your training needs. You can also email us info@lazarustraining.co.uk with your emergency first aid at work questions.