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Teenaider first aid training is back.

Teenaider first aid training is aimed at teenagers and other young people who may find themselves providing emergency medical care without immediate adult supervision. As teenagers discover their independence they might find themselves being the “grown up” in a medical emergency- perhaps a friends has had an accident, or a parent or carer has been taken ill, then it would be down to the teenager to summon help and potentially provide basic life saving help. Our Teenaider courses are designed to provide the skills and confidence that might be needed to help in these types of situations.

As with all the first aid training provided by Lazarus Training we believe training must be practical and aimed at the real life situations the delegates might face, two principles we sum up as #trainforreal and “first aid training is a contact sport”. On this course your teenager will receive instruction in:

Scene safety

Calling for emergency help

Casualty assessment


Airway management including choking and vomiting

Control of bleeding

All training is conducted in a life like manner and is designed to build the confidence of the teenager and ensure the principles are firmly in mind by the end of the course.

The main session is 3 hours long, with additional 3 hour sessions available for those that wish to really explore the topic and their skills and reactions. The training is currently run at our Leigh on Sea venue, but we can travel to groups such as schools, scouts etc.

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All training is conducted by qualified instructors, most with a background in the emergency services. Training involves some physical activity such as laying on the floor and clothing may get slightly dirty. For full details of what should be worn, ask our office team for our “You want to be a Teenaider” leaflet.

Our Teenaider first aid training is normally run during school holidays, but can also be arranged for weekends on request.

Teenaider first aid training

To book the course, or to find out more call us on 0800 242 5210 or email us via

Dental basic fire safety training London

If you, like many others, are looking for basic fire safety training in the London area- [you probably googled “dental basic fire safety training London”] then we can help. Lazarus Training is a safety training company based nearby in Essex, providing first aid and fire safety training to a variety of industries.

Dental surgeries have a wide range of training needs and we can help with both basic life support training and fire safety training.

We can deliver training onsite, thereby reducing time lost, at weekends and adapted to meet your specific dental basic fire safety training London needs.

What is in our Dental Basic Fire Safety Training London?

This short course [typically 2-3 hours] covers the basics of fire safety and reacting to a fire. The exact content of the course is always adapted to meet your needs, but is normally:

Why have fire training? Looking at the legislation, costs and moral needs.

What is fire? What makes a fire.

Fire prevention

Actions on discovering a fire

Use of fire extinguishers

Liaison with the emergency services

How is the training run?

We use a mixture of a video presentation and practical exercises. We all learn in different ways, so our training is varied to “catch” all learners. If you venue is suitable we can also provide practical exercises using training fire extinguishers to build confidence in their use.

Who runs the training?

All our basic fire safety-[dental] instructors are Home Office training fire-fighters, experienced in community fire prevention and training. All our training team have teaching qualifications.

dental basic fire safety training london

How much does it cost to have onsite dental basic fire safety training London?

That depends on how many people you want to train, but prices are from £20 + VAT per person. We can cater for groups of from 5 people to 36 people.

Want to save money on your training?

As basic fire safety training is only a half day course, we can also run basic life support training in the same day. Most dental practices find this is a great cost effective way to meet their training requirements.

If you would like to know more about our training, or better yet, book a training session- give us a call on 0800 242 5210 or drop us an email via

Approved workplace first aid courses Essex Area

Looking for approved workplace first aid courses Essex area? Chances are we at Lazarus Training can help!

Workplace first aid courses are something many businesses forget to consider. First aid training is often a requirement of even the smallest of workplaces, which must make arrangements for action in event of an emergency, provide a first aid kit and possibly provide trained workplace first aiders. The Health and Safety Executive confirmed the  change of the regulation of workplace first aid training. HSE approval remained till October 2013 after which it is now the employers’ responsibility to ensure the workplace first aid courses meet both their requirements but also the HSE’s recommendations.

As an HSE approved first aid training provider Lazarus Training provided a number of workplace first aid courses, all run in a highly practical and interactive way, by training staff with relevant qualifications and experience.

Since the changes in regulation of approved workplace first aid courses Essex area, Lazarus Training has become a Qualsafe centre. All our first aid courses are aimed at making you confident to provide first aid at work when required.

approved workplace first aid courses essexApproved workplace first aid courses Essex area.

Our range of workplace first aid courses meet the Health and Safety Executive recommended content for first aid courses, covering every ones’ needs. We run First Aid at Work courses, Emergency First Aid at Work, Basic Life Support and Defibrillator training sessions.

To find out more about our training, you can visit other pages on our website or our YouTube channel. Or can also call our office on 0800 242 5210 to find out more or to book your space on an approved workplace first aid courses Essex area.

These are supported by our more general health and safety courses, such as Fire Marshal’s and our popular Fire Safety- Basics.

Qualsafe first aid training

Qualsafe First Aid Training

First aid at work training is often a requirement of even the smallest of workplaces, which must make arrangements for action in event of an emergency, provide a first aid kit and possibly provide trained workplace first aiders. Many companies end up searching for Qualsafe first aid training such as the Qualsafe level 3 First Aid at Work qualification.

Workplace first aid requirements calculator
Workplace first aid requirements calculator

As a Qualsafe centre, therefore an approved first aid training provider, Lazarus Training provides a number of workplace first aid courses, all run in a highly practical and interactive way, by training staff with relevant qualifications and experience. All our first aid courses are aimed at making you confident to provide first aid at work when required.

qualsafe first aid training

First aid at Work training is ideal for?

It is aimed at workplaces with higher numbers of staff and risk.

The range of topics [shown below] mean this is an ideal first aid qualification for many workplaces such as offices, factories and warehousing. This qualification is often popular with schools looking for training for office staff.

How long is it?

This three day course typically lasts from 0900 to 1700, though these times can be adjusted to meet your needs. The course must meet certain Qualsafe first aid training requirements on learning hours and course duration. Each training day includes breaks.

What is covered?

The full Health and Safety Executive syllabus, such as:

Scene safety and assessment

Role of the workplace first aider

Treatment of the unconscious casualty including CPR

Treatment of wounds, such as bleeding, breaks and burns

First aid to someone choking

Eye and soft tissue injuries

Poisoning and Anaphylactic Shock

Caring for a person taken ill at work


Further topics can be covered on request. Call 0800 242 5210 to discuss your needs.

Our range of qualsafe first aid training courses [all to the Health and Safety Executive recommended content], cover everyones’ needs. We run First Aid at Work courses, Emergency First Aid at Work, Basic Life Support andDefibrillator training sessions.

These are supported by our more general health and safety courses, such as Fire Marshal’s and our popular Fire Safety- Basics


New dates for FPOS I courses near London

Looking for FPOS I courses near London? Good News- Lazarus Training which is based in Essex has begun to release its dates for 2016.

Due to demand we will be adding more FPOS I courses near London over the coming weeks, but the first course with spaces is currently the 8th-12th February 2016.

Covering the required syllabus, but in the highly practical #trainforreal way that Lazarus is know for, those successfully completing the course gain the BTEC/Edexcel IHCD First Person on Scene Intermediate qualification- popular in the maritime security and close protection industry. To find out more about our style of training visit the training simulation page of this website.

Lazarus Training is a training company, but our training team is still “out there doing it”- with trainers from [or still serving] as paramedics, fire and rescue, law enforcement, maritime and military backgrounds.

Our team has recent experience in Afghanistan, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Europe, Kenya, Pakistan, so know what it is like to be on the ground.

FPOS I courses near London

8-12th February 2016- Lazarus Training, Southend on Sea, SS9 5LY. The course costs £350 + VAT including certification. Discounted rates are available for our premier customers.

More dates will follow, but if you have a group of people needing this training we can arrange a bespoke course. Call us on 0800 242 5210 or email info [remove the space between info and @] to get a specific quote.

The FPOS I course is near Southend on Sea, at our Eastwood training centre.

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There are many local hotels, many of our delegates stay in the local Premier Inns. The nearest train stations are Rayleigh [approx 40 mintues from London] on the London Liverpool Street-Southend line and Leigh on Sea [approx 35 minutes from London] on the London Fenchurch Street-Southend line.


Call us on 0800 242 5210 or email info [taking out the space between info and @] to find out more.

Please note to attend this course you will need to be physically fit and able to confirm your identity with photographic ID, contact us to find out more.

Running a First Aid in Remote Locations course- insiders view- Day One

Life as a casualty- Running a First Aid in Remote Locations- Day Zero & Day One.

The journey…

Time to commence the three or so hour journey up to Evesham, so with a car full of kit, myself, Alistair and Kelly the journey begins. Unfortunately I forgot my road trip Spice Girls album for us to have a sing along too so the radio it is. We are all looking forward to the course ahead. Talk of the course fills most of our journey, wondering what the weather is going to be like and how the delegates will get on and the scenarios that we need to run.

It’s late and dark by the time we arrive to our hotel so we grab our bags out of the car and head to check into our hotel. I quickly discovered that I’m staying in the themed Africa room and Kelly is in the Egypt themed room, the locations course for us really couldn’t have started in a much better way. I unpacked what I require and put the kettle on a little bit of television and a tea then I drift slowly off to sleep surrounded by many a stuffed teddy and leopard print.

egypt room on locations

Day one ..

Woken by the alarm at 7:15  after not a great sleep in Africa.. Must be the wild animals on the loose that filled my dreams or the excitement of the day ahead. Grab a shower and get in my Lazarus kit to meet Alistair and Kelly for breakfast at 8, again talk of the course the first few scenarios and how we expect day one to run and what we need to do etc when we arrive at the venue fills the breakfast table.

Erghhhh traffic… the last thing we wanted on the way to the venue but still we have time (although a tad rushed) and the sun is shining good news for Kelly and I as today the casualty stuff consists mainly of floor work.

We arrive at the venue, straight through to reception and ID passes are given,  but we have to wait to be shown to our room, last thing we wanted as were already a little pushed for time, but we ponder over who can grab what and the best way to set up the room quickly. Some of the delegates start to arrive, even though I  normally play casualty the nerves start to set in at the course time grows nearer.

We head over to our classroom which will be the main hub for the next three days, we help Alistair unload the car and set up the class room, and quickly hide ourselves after grabbing the casualty simulation kit and other props that are required. We unpack most of the kit laying out what is required for each of the scenarios and in an attempt to make things go as smoothly also to keep our ‘dressing room’  as tidy as we can for the next few days.

With the kit required for the first demonstration in hand we head up the track, it’s steeper than I remember or I haven’t spent as much time in the gym as perhaps I should have! I talk Kelly through what will happen and how the demo will work, whilst we await Alistair’s call across the radio to let us know he is on his way. On this particular scenario the airway is blocked.  So I want to leave it till the very last moment,  as I know that I will have the obstruction in my mouth for some time and actually I find this particular scenario harder than the screaming ones! The call comes across and the anxiety grows as I take a gulp of blood to obstruct my airway. Set in position I wait in anticipation for them to gather round me, and spend what feels like a life time listening for the magic words where I can pretty much try (blindly) to cover as many of the delegates with the contence of my mouth,. Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful attempt this time but I make it my mission to at least get one of them covered by the end of the day. Who will it be!

After a little debrief out in the woods and many a wasp trying to join our group we all head back to the class room for some fun with the tourniquets and other class room based activities

When Alistair gives us the nod its time for us to leave the class room to go and prep for the next scenario.  Kelly is going to give this one a go. No acting required here so a nice one to ease her into, we make her face up.

casualty remote course

Kelly looking rather peaky…


remote course grey face

Kelly unresponsive on the floor. The delegates slowly approach once again with their  arms  folded or hands in the pockets all hoping that the person next to them will one who wants to assist.

After some talking and lots of standing around one of the delegates steps forward to give Kelly so first aid

remote course breathing check


As this is a remote course the options for calling for help are discussed from how long would help take to which telephone number the delegates would call from their location. The scenario is wrapped up shortly after and we return to the classroom.

Time for lunch, luckily for us the food is absolutely amazing at the venue,  so after filling our belly’s its time to go and prepare for the next “trauma” lesson.

casualty simulation

After lots of giggling from myself and Kelly and lots of trying to arrange the outfit as I’m the size of a small child and clearly these were designed for an adult male. So with some adjustments of the wounds and cutting clothing to expose the more obvious injuries it’s time to grab the Vaseline and sticky blood to add some gore to the guts! We fill the blood pump and make the connections for wounds that need to bleed and head off outside to position ourselves for the scene.

We wait for Alistair to come across the radio to let us know he is on his way. Again this is a group demonstration/ scenario, however is the first scenario that the delegates will have a responsive casualty who will act to the injury’s that they have sustained,  slowly easing them into the course. As soon as I hear that they are near I start with the moaning and groaning and calling for help whilst struggling to breath.  The delegates walk around the corner anxiously, with some “eww’ ‘That’s horrible” “oh dear” comments they all managed to make their way and stand in front of me.  Still in acting mode I start asking them to help me, Alistair talks through the demonstrations stating that its not the most obvious injury that could be killing me, hoping that they will have a rummage and see what they can find. Still heavy laboured and struggling to breath I sit in front of them asking them to help me,  a couple of the delegates step forward to help after a little nudge from Alistair they start to check for further injury’s, and they find it! Great!! As soon as they treat it I can breath normally. We wrap up the scenario and go over the first aid kit and what, if anything they have in the bag that they could use to help treat these particular injury’s.

Time for tea!!

Whilst the delegates head back to the canteen to grab a well deserved brew Kelly and myself go into our dressing room and prepare for the last scenario.

And whilst the delegates are away from the classroom it’s a perfect opportunity to make up 5 litres of blood…  Catastrophic bleed is the next and last scenario  on the agenda.  I love this one- I can really give it some with my acting skills!

leg injury remote course

We make our way outside and set up, Alistair comes across the radio and he is heading out with the delegates this will be the first scenario where they will come out in pairs and actually have to treat the casualty themselves with no assistance from Alistair. As soon as I spot them I start screaming as loud as I possibly can and pump the blood out of my leg in rate with my heart, at this point the delegates start running toward me first aid kit in hand. my superhero’s ready to come and save my life! By the time the third group come around I’m sure they would have heard most of what was going on around the corner my leg is starting to ache and my throat is starting to hurt! They all get through six groups of two. Each and ever group were fantastic, it’s so great to see them come such a long way by the end of day one some of them had not even held a tourniquet before and now there under pressure covered in blood trying to apply one in a stressful environment and each and every group managed to “save my life”

We wrap up and briefly cover shock from blood loss.  And this is where day one finishes, on a high for not only us but them too I hope. Back to the teddy bare hotel for us for a swim in the lovely pool, more amazing food and an over night stay in Africa!