Hostile environments awareness training in Asia

According to the World Health Organisation [WHO] Peru has a road traffic mortality of 13.9 per 100,000 people, placing it higher than Argentina, Bahamas, Chile and Mexico. With 11% of deaths in Peru being the result of injuries [worse than Suriname and Chile], there is a clear need for first aid training in Peru.

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Lazarus Training is based and registered as a first aid training company in the United Kingdom, but also provides first aid training in Peru. Able to deploy our staff to Lima, we can provide a wide range of our #trainforreal training courses in Peru and South America.

In the last year we have run a number of first aid training courses internationally and aim to increase this number during 2018/9.

Many of our most popular courses would be suitable for delivery in Peru and across South America. With the wide range of industry and government agencies and non-governmental organisations in Uganda, it is likely our training can provide a first aid solution for Ugandan businesses or organisations and with our international oversight, many international businesses or agencies can be reassured by our training courses such as:

First Aid at Work

First Aid in Remote Locations

First Aid in Hostile Locations

Hostile Environments training

Our training is always highly interactive and is adapted for each individual client group to ensure the training is relevant and reliable. The delegates are placed under stress within our safe training environment to help them prepare for the day when the emergency is real, hence our motto of #trainforreal


first aid training in nigeria first aid training in kenya first aid training in uganda

Courses are mapped to international standards and ensure that the delegates received only the best, empowering training to help them cope in safety and medical situations.

If you would like to know more about our first aid training in Peru, or anything about us as a company, you should be able to find the basic information on this website, but obviously you can contact us at our main office on info[at]

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