In many of our first aid and safety training courses we look at the us of Celox for bleeding control. As we don’t normally sell first aid kits, this is driven by the product being in our clients’ existing first aid kits.

But this is good news, as Celox seems to be a very effective product and has been selected by a wide range of organisations- hopefully a good sign. I should have said above, “effective products” as there are a number of different Celox products on the market. In many of our media clients kits there is the powder version of the product.

In others we see the various “dressing” type products, whether the Celox gauze or the new kid on the block, Celox Rapid.

At Lazarus Training we belief in training ourselves as well, so next week on 18th December, we have the Celox Academy coming down to our staff training day, to update our team on the use of Celox. The handsome guy, saving lives in the above video is the trainer [Toni] that is joining us next week.

Last week we were exhibiting at the International Disaster Response Expo in London and found ourselves near the Celox stand, so I was able to hit them up with some questions. One I’m hoping to ask next week is about the idea of using the Celox gauze dressing as a burns dressing.

So the point of this post- I’d ask you to check your first aid kit- see what version you have [and if it’s in date] and let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll check the comments on here on Wednesday just before the session and will put them to Toni on the day.

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