Is CPR training for TV studios needed? This weekend we will get the chance to watch England [and Tottenham!] football legend Glenn Hoddle describe his cardiac arrest, which occurred in a TV studio in February 2019. In a segment, to be aired during Saturday Morning Savage on BT Sports, Glen describes what happened to him on that day and his recovery since. A short taster has been released.

Luckily for Glenn, a member of the production team knew what to do. Simon Daniels had received basic first aid training as a Special Constable with Thames Valley Police, and when Glenn collapsed he knew what to do.

You can see him describe his emotions in a really interesting interview with ITV News here. But many productions will only have first aid cover if there is something exceptional as part of the show, such as stunts or large audiences.

Most first aid courses now cover what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest, how to perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator [AED] often called a “defib”. Our short video below might help if you haven’t been trained or need a reminder.

Lazarus Training has been running a range of first aid courses for the media sector for many years now. You can find out more about our courses by following the links below:

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First Aid in Remote Locations

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