Many people used the lockdown time to “improve” themselves- or at least that is what they tell us. Learning skills online, or using online tools is no longer a mystery to most of us, so you can continue with this method to keep your first aid skills up to date between courses.

One answer is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. There is a range of videos on there that can be used to refresher your knowledge, or look at some fresh areas depending on what course you have already done.

One of the most popular videos has been, “How to treat an open chest wound”, but we have covered a range of topics so far.

We have created so many that we have created a Playlist on YouTube which was called “COVID classroom” during the lockdown and we haven’t yet changed it. It includes more traditional first aid topics such as dealing with a nosebleed or stopping someone from choking .

Sine we returned to face to face training, the speed of video uploads has slowed down, but we want to make more so if there is a first aid/medical subject you would like to see us cover- let us know.

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