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Casualty simulation ideas

Casualty simulation ideas come thick and fast in the Lazarus Training office. We like to include a lot of casualty simulation in our first aid training courses and this requires some practice and a few props.

The professionals providing this for the movies often have the luxury of time whilst preparing their “work”, whereas we are often rushed [to ensure our delegates get as much practice as possible] and often have to perform “on the scene repairs” after the casualty has been treated.

Our hard work making this work on our first aid courses, has lead to us being asked to help out some of our clients in making TV programmes. You can see an examples of this below, where one of our directors was asked to help our with casualty simulation and first aid treatment advice.

You can also see what this looks like from the delegates point of view in the following video, which was taken using a Go-Pro camera mounted on a helmet during these scenarios.

But as the season for fancy dress parties starts to approach we have started to share some basic casualty simulation ideas with you via our YouTube channel. We are trying to focus on ideas with a low or zero cost and using as many materials from round the house as possible.

Our first video covers how to make a hideous open wound, complete with exposed tendons and other bits! We must say at some point that no one was hurt in the making of these videos, although a few hairs were lost due to the PVA glue being used spilling out!

There are a number of organisations which can help you develop your casualty simulation ideas, but we are happy to answer questions posted either here on other on our Facebook page.

Remember that the above examples are to demonstrate what we do on our courses and to assist you with a bit of fun, but please do this responsibility and ensure the safety of yourself and your “victims”

Lazarus Training’s venues.

Most of our first aid training courses are run at the clients’ premises, but we do also run what we call “open courses”. We host these courses and then you can book onto it individually or with your friends and colleagues. We have a number of training venues, our popular paediatric first aid courses are often run at WestLeigh Baptist Church.

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Paediatric first aid training approval

Paediatric first aid training being run by Lazarus Training including CPR for babies and children.

Those of you looking for paediatric first aid training in Essex, will be pleased to hear that Lazarus Training has been approved by Essex County Council for its paediatric first aid training. So childminders etc can book our paediatric first aid training courses safe in the knowledge that we are approved by Essex Council.

For details of our paediatric first aid courses click here, or to discuss your needs call 0800 242 5210.